Anile Interview

A steadily growing Med School Music roster has now added Anile to its ranks. The Losing My Mind EP is his first solo release on the label since the signing was announced in May earlier this year, and we got in touch to talk his experiences with Med School, and we learnt a little about the next big project he’s working on – an album.

It doesn’t end there though, because he’s also recorded the guest mix for our latest podcast, which you can listen to below.

When did the prospect of an exclusive signing to Med School arise, and did it take you by surprise?
The first prospect of signing exclusive to the Med School camp first came about – if I’m right in saying – around late November / December of 2013. I wasn’t surprised – I’m not sure if that’s the right word to use – I’d say more privileged really. There are some hugely talented producers out there and a lot younger than myself offering a fresh stance on this genre and to be asked was a huge honour.

How much has changed with the exclusive signing? Are you now finding yourself as busy as ever before?
I wouldn’t say too much has changed as I was always pretty busy balancing both the music and my work life together. My attitude, certainly towards what I want to achieve, has been motivated by those at the Med School HQ to carry on with the sound I’ve been producing over the last six years. I do feel the emphasis was more about delivering a consistent underground vibe to the label which is really what I’ve always tried to achieve.

I found your new EP on Med School beautifully hypnotic. It seems like, in contrast to the title, your mind was in a rather good place…
I purposely didn’t want to hear much drum & bass so I really locked myself away so that I wasn’t making beats that sounded regurgitated. I really think a perfect example of that from this EP is a track titled ‘To Live Without’. It’s a really minimalistic track which takes the listener on a huge journey. A track I expect to be overlooked but for those that hear it would really connect to.

You’ve dropped a big hint of an album from you next year. Can you enlighten us on the progress that’s been made, and what we can expect?
Yeah, this project is hugely exciting; for once I’m trying to compile a pool of tracks which each have their own vibe. What I’d hate to happen is the listener to pick up the album and every track sounds the same. So far the tunes are there and it’s now time to start mixing them and editing down. I’ve been lucky enough to be playing a lot of gigs right now so I’ve been testing alot out which helps hugely.

I recently listened to Depths, and it seems like a bit of a throwback to the earlier days of drum & bass; the whole essence of the track seems a lot different to the rest of your music. What inspired you to make it?
Again I don’t tend to grasp a lot of inspiration around the times I’m locked in the studio. One reason is that I don’t have time to unfortunately check out every drum n bass track I get sent or hear released. ‘Depths’ is one of those tunes that took very little time to make as the track just had the vibe from start to finish. They are, as many producers will tell you, few and far between but certainly some of the best tunes producers have to offer.

You’ve been acquainted with the Med School crew for a few years now – having released Change of Direction in 2011. Can you remember the process of making that track, and why you felt Med School was best suited to release it?
I don’t remember too much about making that track as I’m sure I made that well before the date it was released. I do remember really struggling with that arpeggiated sound though as it really pissed me off in the studio from a producer’s point of view (that I do remember!).

I sent it to Ash at Med School and he wanted to grab and at the time I wasn’t to keen on signing it as I was going through a bit of strange time in drum & bass. I was convinced pretty quickly though as I knew Med School was a proper out fit that I wanted to be a part of. I’ve never looked back since.

The A&R team at Med School have always had a knack for identifying artists with musical individuality. Which tracks from their back catalogue have touched a chord with you?
There’s quite a few musically but every time CLS – ‘Black & White’ steals it for me. I bought the vinyl of this and couldn’t stop playing it when I was DJing locally in Kent. It’s only recently I grabbed the 320 and started drawing for it out. Goes off every time!

What can we expect to hear in the mix you’ve recorded for our podcast?
You can expect to hear a combination of tracks from producers I really respect – some new and some old. As always in my sets there’s a selection of dark and bright… I hope the listeners will draw their own conclusions.

Before we finish, is there anything more you can disclose – any dates for events, or even something completely random?
Well I’m please to announce that my debut EP Losing My Mind is out now on Med School Music. You can catch me at various places in the UK over the next months including London & Brighton and some further afield. Be sure to catch me on all my usual social media networks for all the details and information.

Listen & download Anile’s podcast guest mix here