AshJerona Guest Mix

Well known for music produced as part of the duo The Burbs, AshJerona has now decided to dedicate more of his time to his solo project. Within the past two months he’s released a multi-genre album, and has released a track on Med School’s ‘New Blood’ compilation.

We asked a few questions about those releases, his other musical projects, his future plans – and he has shared a free track that you can stream and download below.

You’ve produced as part of the duo The Burbs in the past alongside your brother. How long has the solo project been around, and when did it start to take priority?

I’ve been producing as AshJerona for a while now, Simon moved on to producing other material when we stopped running Jerona Fruits (due to our distribution company folding). We still work together in our band ‘All The People’ and he features as ‘Turn Left’ on a few of my tunes, we still probably will do another Burbs tune one day.

Of course, these aren’t your only musical projects – you’re part of a three-piece alternative band called ‘All The People’. How much time do you dedicate to each project?

The band takes up most of my time at the moment, we practice together 16 hours a week and I’m also producing that project. The AshJerona stuff I do whenever I feel inspired, I also practice my drumming constantly and record the live sessions at my home studio where I’m constantly looking for variations on mic placement, room dampening and all that fun stuff.

There doesn’t seem to be an end to your musical influences, as your AshJerona album covers a few different genres. However, if it’s not BPM that connects these tracks, what would you say the common theme is?

I would say that the common theme apart from the way I sample is the party aspect, I wanted to put something out with good energy that anyone could get in to.

Although most will have only just heard of AshJerona over the past couple of months, you started out making music under that name a few years ago. Are there any tracks on the album that date back a lot further than others?

Most of the album was made 2012/2013. It wasn’t made as an album; it was basically loads of bits and pieces I made at different times that sounded like they belonged to be in one place.

With the all-important debut album, how did you decide that Vibration Records would be the best home for it?

I sent a few of the Housey bits to Vibration – we go way back – and they suggested the album idea.

It’s been a few years now since The Burbs’ debut release on Hospital Records. Talk us through how you linked up with their sister label, Med School Music, to release ‘You Got Me’…

I’ve always been in touch with Ash from Med School; they signed it at the end of last year. Had such good support on that track. Thanks to Mark System, Ivy Lab, Marcus Intalex, Bailey, Storm.

What’s up next for AshJerona?

Next I am just finishing off a few new bits to send out soon, The band is gigging and gearing up for our first single, I am finally recording my drums as I want them to sound!


DOWNLOAD a free track from AshJerona, ‘Face On’, HERE

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