D&B Movement documentary

Drum&BassArena to release documentary

Drum&BassArena will premiere its first full-length music documentary Drum & Bass: The Movement on May 25. Five years in the making, the film comprises of unique interview footage from nearly all the scene’s top players plus never-before-seen footage.

The most detailed and explorative documentary of the scene to date, the feature-length production tells the story from the artists themselves and covers many of the essential characteristics that make the genre what it is: its UK inner-city underground roots, dubplates, its many sub-genres, MCs, key territories, crucial clubs and tracks that changed the scene forever.

Directed by prolific music videographer Bailey Hyatt, produced by music video director and producer Craig Haynes and written by journalist, author and presenter Dave Jenkins.

Dave Jenkins: “In 2016 we set about the task of interviewing 30 pioneers and influential artists in drum & bass artists to try and capture as much of the story of the genre’s meteoric movement across the world as possible. With unlimited access to two decades worth of Drum&BassArena video archives, we created this unique snapshot of a 20 year period in the genre. It’s not the ultimate or definitive history by any means – the genre is so big and means so much to people that it could never be condensed down into one documentary – but it is an exciting, intense and super-detailed tale of just how drum & bass developed from its underground roots to worldwide dominance… Where it remains to this day.”

Premiering on May 25, and available to stream thereafter, Drum & Bass: The Movement will be aired as part of Drum&BassArena’s D&BTV: Locked-In series.