K Jah

K Jah Guest Mix

K Jah is just days away from releasing his first EP with Bristol based label Ruffneck Ting. We were able to speak with him and get the inside scoop on this monster release and what the future has to hold for this producer.

You’ve come a long way from releasing on Various Artist free compilations to big tunes on labels such as Benny Page’s Pure Vibez, Sub-Woofah, and now the long time running Ruffneck Ting. How does it feel to have progressed so quickly as an artist in the last few years?
It’s quite strange because it feels like its gone so quickly and yet really slowly at the same time! Ive been producing since about 2003 but things have really progressed since about 2010/11 ish and then really took off around 2012. I’ve trodden the usual path of tape pack listener to DJ to pirate DJ to locking myself away in the studio to learn my jungle technology and now I’m releasing EP’s on Ruffneck Ting which is both properly wicked and a bit surreal as well! The label is one of the original foundation for me so I’m very happy to be a part of it.

What was your inspiration for this upcoming EP with Ruffneck Ting?
What I was feeling like at the time I suppose. I’m influenced by a lot of genres, producers and eras and it’s a case of visiting them in turn and trying to use that particular sound to shape my productions. My background is rave, jungle, drum & bass obviously, but I’m influenced heavily by all the mid 80s to mid 90s music that I grew up with, especially East Coast Hip Hop, Detroit Techno, British Soul, Reggae and US R&B. Supaclash is just a clash tune, It Gets Better is influenced by 1991 Belgian Hardcore and the other three are rollers cos you have to have rollers on a Bristol based label!

The EP comes out on August 25th, how excited are you?
Last time I checked, I was a mixture of Murray Walker, Barry Scott and Ainsley Harriot… I need a lie down actually.

Where do you see your sounds progressing to over the next few years?
Whatever I make I’ll always try make it true to that ‘original foundation’ vibe that I’ve grown up with. Basically rolling, funky, soulful and a bit cheeky.

Do you have any tours upcoming to promote any of the releases?
I’m playing at PST in Birmingham with Ruffneck Ting legend DJ Dazee and the man like Jinx on August 30. It’s a Ruffneck Ting special and I know all three of us have been locked in our respective studios recently so it’s going to be fun! After that is Jungle Showdown in Birmingham on September 27 and then another Ruffneck Ting night with Kmag at Cafe 1001 in London on 12 October.

Any final words you’d like to leave for the fans out there?
Big ups to everyone who supports me and takes time out to listen to my music and come to see me DJ. You’re are all effing splendid! Also, while I’m here, watch out for forthcoming releases and remixes in the autumn and winter on Ruffneck Ting, Hocus Pocus, Benefit Beats, Hazardous Muzik, Natty, Sub Woofah, Fed Nation, Criminal and more. Cheers!

Download K Jah’s Kmag guest mix here


  1. K Jah & Vytol – Cola Cubes – Ruffneck Ting Supaclash EP
  2. K Jah – Thats A Fact – Ruffneck Ting Supaclash EP
  3. K Jah – Hot Town – Hocus Pocus Records 009
  4. K Jah – Perception – Ruffneck Ting Dub
  5. K Jah & Jinx – Rough Times – Ruffneck Ting Supaclash EP
  6. Diamond Geezer – My Girl – Dazee Remix – One Drop Sound
  7. K Jah – Jabber Jaw – Ruffneck Ting Dub
  8. Jinx – Energy – Ruffneck Ting Dub
  9. K Jah – Are You Ready – Benefit Beats Dub
  10. Hybrid – Dont Stop – Emotion 030
  11. Jinx – Work It – Ruffneck Ting 024
  12. K Jah – You Got Me – Hocus Pocus Dub
  13. Jinx – Classic – RUffneck Ting 024
  14. Substance Ft Dazee – Damn Right (Jinx & Saxxon Rmx) – Ruffneck Ting 022
  15. K Jah – Clap For That – Ruffneck Ting 023
  16. K Jah – The Contender – Criminal 005
  17. K Jah – Supaclash – Ruffneck Ting Supaclash EP