Liz-E Guest Mix

Liz-E, aka Elizabeth Welch, is having a great year. With her latest single Terror out on Smokin Riddims being well received, she remains busy in the studio finishing off bits for Shogun’s sister imprint SGN:LTD.

Earlier this year Liz took home best female artist and claimed third best breakthrough producer at the Drum & Bass Awards. We chat with the woman behind the beats about tunes, horror flicks and dream residencies. She also drops an exclusive mix for Kmag listeners, enjoy.

Hi Liz, thanks for the quick catch up. What have you been up to today?
Just working on some new music, finishing my podcast for you and transferring files… fun times!

Tell us about your latest single on Smokin Riddims. We love the dark vibe of Terror and Not Enough is quite uplifting, offering a contrasting vibe…
I made Terror not long after Torture as I wanted to continue that style for this release and then, shortly after, I made a bunch of tracks with my next release on SGN:LTD in mind. Not Enough was one of those tracks but I wanted to do a diverse release on Smokin’ Riddims so I used it as part of my single in the end.

Speaking of the Smokin’ Riddims crew, how did your involvement with the label come to be?
When I first started producing I found myself talking to Jaydan about set ups and different sounds I was experimenting with… then after my single on Punch Records I was offered a contract with Smokin Riddims.

Congratulations on your new horror film project, should we expect to see you in front of the camera or behind the scenes?
Just behind the scenes at the moment, I would love to do both but with this particular project I just want to work on the soundtrack. But in the future… maybe!

What are some of your personal favourite horror flicks?
Oh this is a great question. I love cult horror and those crappy horror films, you know the ones haha! I love Rob Zombie films, House of 1000 Corpses is a favourite and things like Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Dream residency location?
Las Vegas… but I don’t think it would be the same as Tiesto haha, but you said dream!

What other genres do you like to experiment with?
I enjoy making house music, I’m not a traitor or anything! Anyone who would think that probably needs to open their mind but other producers will understand that you do experiment.

Will those tracks ever see the light of day?
Who knows, never say never!

What does the rest of the year look like for you release wise?
I’ve just finished a new single for SGN:LTD, so just waiting on a release date from the Shogun office and I’m working on some new bits at the moment, maybe another EP.

Thank you for gracing us with a special studio mix. What can listeners expect from this mix?
Expect an eclectic collection of music I’m feeling at the moment… along with my very young sounding voice!

Download Liz-E’s Kmag guest mix here