Randall prepares to Shut That Shit Down

Kmag touches down with the one and only Randall ahead of his appearance at this weekend’s Shut That Shit Down party at Brixton Jamm for a sneak peek at what to expect when the doors open on their biggest party of the season.

You’ve got a big show coming up this week with the Shut That Shit Down crew. Especially for those outside of London, give us a sense of what kind of vibes the STSD crew represent and how you came to link up with Rob Smiley and the crew.
Rob was someone I met through doing the Mac2Takeover shows. He was really interested in us working to together so one day after doing a show for Ministry of Sound in place of Bailey we had a sit down and discussed how we could take this union further. We had done our Stepback Sessions parties in South West and the Midlands and obviously were in the planning stages of organizing one in the South East, so during our sit down at a pub in Elephant and Castle, we ran a list of possibilities and the rest is history.

The lineup for this weekend’s event features a heavyweight crew of the original dons of jungle/d&b. Is this strictly an old-school night or is it more about bridging the gap between the classic warehouse era and today’s dancefloor?
To be honest it’s a gathering of some real pioneers of the scene still doing their thing. They will be playing groundbreaking music: past, present and future music.. Period.

In addition to your club appearances you’ve also been pushing the sounds with your “R in Session” radio show/podcast. Give us a sense of the format/vibe and how you see that as being a part of your overall position of one of the leading ambassadors of drum & bass.
“R in Session” is the Mac2 Recordings takeover show on the radio so if you have been following you will notice we play all different stuff that’s out there from various labels and of course artists like Cool Hand Flex, Trex, Zere, Jaybee, 4Eye Kwame, Soul Intent, NC -17, etc. feature heavily as it’s all about the old, new and forthcoming music off the label as well.

As I’m sure you know, it’s also an opportunity to showcase a lot of the new music that features in my DJ sets and the fact it’s a 2 hour show gives me a chance to take the listeners on a journey. I am very pleased with the attention the re-posts garner on Mixcloud as I love sharing music that moves me and when we are in the radio studio we are vibing and sharing a love for music and sound!

R In Session Originuk.Net 01/10/2014 by Dj Randall on Mixcloud

Speaking of which, aren’t we about overdue for another “Stepback Sessions” compilation?

Well there’s another in the pipeline that will feature a new Lennie De Ice remake of “We Are i.e.” and we’re in the process of confirming some other tracks. Hold tight – it’s coming.

Last but not least, let us know what else you’ve got cooking.
We’ve got a Mac2 LP landing at the end of January 2015 as well as a new website launch around the same time. We are gearing up to sell merchandise (jackets/t-shirts) on there as well. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Shut That Sh*t Down turns it out with Fabio, Grooverider, Randall, Jumpin Jack Frost, Ray Keith, Bryan Gee and many more at Brixton Jamm on Saturday 18 Oct 2014. Get your tickets HERE and prepare for the rinseout.