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Rhythm Tek Presents This Is Me

Rhythm Tek recently released his debut album This Is Me on Midlands based label Odyssey Recordings so we spoke to him to get the lowdown on it…

Please introduce yourself…
I’m Rich aka Rhythm Tek and my dnb style varies from atmospheric to minimal beats and jungle depending on my mood. The production comes from my inner emotion and life’s journey. I started mixing in my early teens and went through various styles of music until I stumbled across jungle. From then on I was hooked and have followed the scene ever since. Producers like LTJ Bukem, Pariah, Future Engineers and Blame have been a huge influence on me and are the reason I produce music today.

Tell us more about This Is Me, what can we expect?
Expect 11 drum & bass tracks with a deep, dark sound but still holding the atmospheric side of dnb. There was never a specific vision in mind for the album only a journey making beats for Odyssey Recordings. I started out producing tracks for EPs which turned into an album.

You call it ‘dutmospheric’ dnb – what does that mean?
The name ‘dutmospheric’ was thought of by my good friend Mej. Slamdunk from Odyssey often describes my music as dutty as it’s so dark and deep, but it’s still atmospheric, hence ‘dutmospheric’!

What’s the thought process behind the title?
The title comes from a track called This Is Me, this is when I found my sound and direction. This track was renamed to Encounters and it’s on the album. Sid Narkotix and I decided to name the album This is Me as this is where it all started. Basically describing who I am musically.

How does working on albums compare with singles?
I released a two track EP with Odyssey back in 2013 called New Journey. I found this to be an easy task, but this was a liquid sound and totally different to the album and where I am today. There was never any pressure form Odyssey, it was basically “when you’re ready Rich”. Over the past year I submitted about 30 tracks to Odyssey, 11 got picked for the album. They dubbed me ‘the machine’!

Who have you collaborated with on it?
There’s only one collab, Without Measure feat LATE and it was a pleasure to work with such recognized UK rapper.

What else are you working on at the moment?
I’m currently working non-stop, as I said I still have at least 15-20 tracks with Odyssey Recordings. I have been working on rewires for Narkotix [Odyssey Recordings head honcho] on a track called Odyssey which was their debut label release.

There are two tracks I have recently rewired for Tidal, one to be released on Odyssey and the other on Advection Music. I also have further plans to collab with Tidal, Pariah and other artists on Odyssey Recordings.

Tell us more about your album launch party on November 29 in London…
Advection Music and Odyssey Recordings are joining forces for a series of events called AXO at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington. Joining me on the night are Fabio and Denial and Hannah Eve plus AXO residents Pariah, Tidal & Iriann Joyce, Narkotix, Bass’Flo, Slamdunk, MC Smilee and Ionx. Tickets are only £5 in advance.

Anything else you want to tell us about?
Tune into Odyssey Music Box Radio hosted by Narkotix with guests every Saturday. I’d also like to thank to my family, Sid Narkotix, Slamdunk, Tidal & Iriann Joyce, Deejay Method, Pariah, Mej, Cryogenics (Audio Theory Recordings), Kayleigh 4QP TV, Southern Invasion, LATE, Ionx, Hannah Eve, Denial, Fabio, MC Smilee, MC Delight, Bass Flo, Antoninus & Smallkutz (Club Amen), Phuture Dee, Greekboy and Charks DNB.