Von D

Top Free Tracks Week 47 2014

Von D ft. Alys Be – I Can’t Sleep (2011 Original Mix)
“There was a bit of a controversy on Dubstepforum when my bro DJ Chef cut this tune to dubplate and played it on Rinse FM,” remembers Von D of this track from 2011, “cause you guys may know this vocal was already released by some other producer. Well that was the original I decided to never release and keep as a dub. After all this time I think this is a well long overdue release.”


Notorious B.I.G – Warning (Enno Bootleg)
Look out for Skynet, a dubstep track Enno made with Occult, coming on Boka on 1 December but in the meantime enjoy Enno’s Notorious B.I.G booty for free!

Zed Bias – Shizam ft. Stylo G & Scrufizzer (Sam Binga Remix)
“162bpm bumper that’s been duppying my sets lately,” says Sam Binga, “grab it now for free by ‘paying’ with a tweet or Facebook post.


Golden Features – Factory (Evol Intent bootleg)
Evol Intent “readjust” Golden Features’ Factory for drum & bass.

Disprove – Negative Dots
The first free Inspector Dubplate exclusive is a drum & bass track by Disprove, an Italian producer.

Coercive – Movements EP
Not one but two free tracks from new Manchester drum & bass label Sinister Records.


Inward Phase – Unknown Waveforms EP
If you thought two free tracks was generous then what about four? Yes, that’s what’s on offer here from Dissected Culture, a label from Florida specialising in upfront neurofunk and techstep.

Infamous – Radioactivity
If you want to download this track for free then visit Infamous on Facebook and like his page.

Stanton Warriors ft. Comet 67P – Comet Rock
No, Comet 67P isn’t a new vocalist or another producer, it’s the comet that’s been in the news recently. “Following the Rosetta Comet landing the European Space Agency picked up some audio from the 4 billion year old space rock. So we stuck a beat underneath for no real reason,” explain the Stantons.

Catching Flies – Quiet Nights
Catching Flies is pleased to share the quietly beautiful new song Quiet Nights, a track that precedes his forthcoming EP, due February 2015.

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