Week 39: Essential Drum & Bass Releases [September 2014]

Kmag Presents resident DJ NSD reviews this week’s best drum & bass beats…

Various – Aftershock Series 5 [Dutty Audio]
Dutty Audio’s latest release has a varied selection from the likes of Artifact, Black Barrel, Kantyze, Under Pressure, Whiney, Wintermute & Amon Bay. All six tracks are good but my highlights are Whiney’s tech roll-out Just Leaving, Artifact’s funky Surveillance and Kantyze’s full-on neuro work-out Morning Shake.


Phace & Misanthrop – Sex Sells / Nordwand [Neosignal]
When Phace & Misanthrop work together they create D&B mayhem and this is no exception. Sex Sells with its mechanised funk and massive bass is a full-on track while Nordwand is a forward-thinking and experimental sounding track. Both pack a serious punch and if you like these guys or Neosignal you know what to expect.

Nymfo / Nymfo & Detail – Coming Through / Survivor [Dispatch]
Nymfo’s varying styles always catch my attention and this release is no exception. A lovely collaboration with Detail, another producer I love, brings us the track of the release. Survivor blends rolling, tech and neuro styles to excellent effect. Coming Through is a classy roller and digital bonus track Tower Of David is techier. Dispatch again proving themselves as a top label.

Break / Mako – Coming 4 U / What A Little Moonlight Can Do (Break Remix) [Warm Communications]
Does this guy ever stop?! Break, a byword for quality D&B, again showcasing his talent on US label Warm Communications. Coming 4 U has the standard fat basslines we expect and love from Break, plus tight drums and a dash of soul. Mako’s What A little Moonlight Can Do gets the Break rework and is my pick of the two tracks. Break drops straight into a heavy rolling bassline with the usual variation Break is renowned for. This track just has the edge as the beats, vibe and flow are superior. Check it out.

Karma – Back & Forth/ Silhouettes [CYN Music]
Karma’s latest release on Cyantific’s CYN Music has a variation in styles. Back & Forth has shuffling techy sounds and a lovely bassline. This has mass appeal and also something for the Heads. Meanwhile Silhouettes is an excellent melodic vocal roller. I love both sides of this release, well worth a listen.

Prolix – Trancendant EP [Trendkill]
Prolix and his label Trendkill mean only one thing… fire!!!! This EP captures all that is good about tech/neuro beats right now. Tracks such as Next Level, Transmission and, my personal favourite, Exploration are all doing damage in the dance right now. Have your bass face at the ready for these tracks!

Ed Rush – Scarabs / Boxcar [Piranha Pool]
If there has been a more anticipated release so far this year, this has clearly wiped it from my mind. Scarabs, I am sure you’ll know this track, with its insane bass drop, smashes the life out of all and sundry. The distinctive Scarabs sample and sounds, yes sounds, culminate into one of my tunes of 2014. Boxcar, again with the unmistakable tech sound of Ed Rush, is another great track. I can’t wait to see the fire that Ed Rush is going to unleash on us in the coming months.

Concept Vision & Segment – Meteor EP [Blackout Music NL]
Concept Vision & Segment’s Meteor EP on Blackout Music NL is another energetic neuro outing. Meteor is a banger with peak time designs, Mudslides has a frantic neurofunk vibe and Tough Leap with its techy roll out are the best tracks for me. If you’re a fan of Blackout this is another essential release.

Matiflow – Gutter Trash / Spit [Serotone Recordings]
Every once in a while a track comes along and smacks you right in the face! Matiflow’s Gutter Trash is such a track. With support from June Miller and Friction, this is already shaping up to be a huge tune. Serotone have secured a serious release here which will do them no harm at all.

Original Sin – Fire Inside EP [Playaz]
It’s always refreshing to see producers broadening their horizons and Original Sin’s Fire Inside EP does just that. The EP has different styles ranging from jump-up, dancefloor and, happily for me, a lovely techy outing. Playaz have been switching up the styles of late and this is another well rounded release. Stand-out tracks are Fire Inside, No Tomorrow and, my favourite, Labyrinth. If Labyrinth is a taste of things to come from Original Sin, I’m excited. With its hard beats, mechanical vibe and heavy basslines this is a great tech track.


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