Eatbrain Release Zombie Cats Must Eat EP

It’s been a good year for Eatbrain. The Budapest based label, under the creative direction of Jade, stirred things up in May with the release of Tales of the Undead LP, which topped the Beatport charts for two weeks straight – an uncommon feat amongst drum & bass releases.

Indeed, in only three short years, the label has slowly but surely cultivated a back catalog worthy of envy; Jade curates tracks for Eatbrain with surgical precision, while carefully designed artwork and branding solidifies Eatbrain’s distinct aesthetic. Quality over quality is the mandate, one which has served the imprint well.

Eatbrain’s latest release, Must Eat EP from Zombie Cats is no different. The duo, better known as Rregula and Dementia, has been making moves in and out of drum & bass for years, establishing themselves as two of the most consistent purveyors of the neurofunk sound.

Their latest project together for Eatbrain represents an allegiance with the label; the product of this partnership does not disappoint. Zombie Cats deliver four tracks on their EP, the first of which (‘Must Eat’) with wunderkind Mefjus. It’s a high energy affair, replete with bone-shattering rhythms and futuristic sound design – the kind one expects from these kinds of neurofunk veterans.

Collaborations with Atlanta’s Logam and Germany’s Kryptomedic maintain the intensity, tracks for the dancefloor through and through. Zombie Cats perhaps shine most on Must Eat EP with their solo track Moments of Truth; a dark, moody stepper with a wicked switch-up after the breakdown. True versatility.

To celebrate the release of the EP, Zombie Cats have served up a guest mix exclusively for Kmag. Strap in… this mix gets heavy!

Download Zombie Cats’ Kmag Guest Mix here


  1. Zombie Cats – Grey Town (EATBRAIN)
  2. Bluescreen – Crack it
  3. Maztek – M-Theory (Audio Rmx) (Renegade Hardware)
  4. Signs – Scalp (C4C Dub)
  5. Mindscape & Audio – Truth Hurts ft. Stapleton (Maztek Rmx)
  6. Vidual – Phalanx
  7. Nouwa – Redskin (Breed12″s)
  8. State of Mind – Ghost (Optiv & BTK Rmx) (SOM)
  9. L33 – Comptus (EATBRAIN)
  10. Mindscape – Rat Pack (EATBRAIN)
  11. Safra – Change
  12. BTK & Maztek – SMMF# (Virus Dub)
  13. Maztek – Hyper Reality (EATBRAIN)
  14. Zombie Cats & Mefjus – Must Eat (EATBRAIN)
  15. Concept Vision & Z Connection – Deserted (Blackout Dub)
  16. Zombie Cats & Concept Vision – Future Lights (EATBRAIN)
  17. Zombie Cats & Logam – Vintage (EATBRAIN)