A chat with Chimpo


At Knowledge we have been a big fan of Chimpo for a long while and are always excited when he drops something new, so when we found out he had a forthcoming album in the pipeline we had to reach out to him to find out more.

First up thanks very much for agreeing to the interview. We are loving the new single and looking forward to hearing more of the new album.

Any word on a title or release date yet?
In July. Not giving you a date yet though because I might just Beyonce it out without notice.

Did I see that it’s being released through Drum and Bass Arena or did I imagine that?
You defo imagined that. it’s on Box N Lock.

Any other singles dropping before the full release?
yes got another loaded up. Also we might have accidentally ended up with a couple remixes of ‘Keep U Round’ who knows….

How did the idea for the video come about? Are you big on golf?
I was supposed to be in all black with a bowler hat like Megaman from So Solid.
The bowler never arrived though so we went in Sports Direct because my mate Mo does security and hooks us up. Dogger was like “what about this golf gear?” and I said “lets do it”.

You’re best known for your eclectic production and DJ sets but they all seem to have that underlying Chimpo sound. What can we expect from the new album? Are we going to hear more vocals from you?
Yeah of course. Like my first album all the vocals are by me and I’ve got a few dons guesting. It’s all DnB this one but it’s sort of not DnB too. It’s just some gangster shit for barbequing n stuff.

How have you found the last year and a half? I know for the scene it’s been a real nightmare. Have you managed to make the most of it in terms of productivity? More time to work on the album?

Yeah I’ve done loads of music and learned some stuff and got a bit healthier. otherwise its been shite obviously.

Did you have any lockdown essentials that kept you sane?
I just walk about outside and listen to G Funk, 80s soul and new west coast rap mostly. That might explain my album when you hear it.

Would you still say you’re a Dj first and foremost? Or is it more of a balance between hosting/rapping/DJing?
I don’t know I’m just an artist I guess. I just do whatever I feel like at the time which is good and bad but I don’t get too bored. I don’t really host though. I just make tunes and rap on them and DJ.

The single with Salo is a summer banger for sure. I’ve caught a few of her sets from Bloc 2 Bloc is that how the colab came about?
Salo is the coldest. Her writing is so unique and her voice just carries bare feeling and emotion. It’s a blessing working with her.
She reckons she found me and asked if I want keys but I think she’s lying I think I found her. We’re making some more stuff that’s insane. I can’t say any more but its next level.

I clocked the trademark Banner ‘cheeky’ in the first verse.
Bloc to Bloc has definitely blown up and has been great at bringing through some new talent. How much of an impact do you think he has had on the Manchester scene? Anyone we should be looking out for?

Banner is my adopted uncle. That’s family family. I’m so proud of what he’s achieved cuz I’ve seen it from before the start.
Bloc 2 Bloc is the most nurturing, inclusive and family-like organisation I’ve ever seen. I love Banner and all the Bloc family and I’m proud of them all.
I’m not going into names cuz I don’t wanna be selective, just follow them all cuz it’s a beautiful movement.


Lastly we used to love the send tracks you would drop on SoundCloud. How did these come about and any more planned for the future?

Ya know what if I’m engaged in it I’m a little warmonger. I watch soundclash’s ever day and I love it.
I’m not warring anyone again though cuz I’m too good at it looool.

Thanks again for shouting me. much appreciated! Nuff love!

Our pleasure.

Watch this space for more from Chimpo and a review of the new Album when it drops.

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