The Mob Recordings Release ‘Regulate’ The Latest EP From Katon

Big, Bad & Heavy? Deep, Dark & Techy!

The Mob Recordings is an independent Drum and Bass label based in London, established in 2020 by Josh Parker and Joe Slocombe.  They have spent their first year leaving their mark on the scene, cultivating their sound within the deep and minimal variety of Drum and Bass, with releases from the likes of Wingz, Jappa, Objectiv and Teej to name a few. They have been going strong over the past year, gaining an underground following through their guest appearances at post-lockdown hit, Costa Del Tottenham.

The three-track single titled ‘Regulate’ is loaded with wobbly dark basses, tight minimal drum beats and subtle, yet effective percussion instruments. This single comes courtesy of newcomer Katon who has sparked a lot of interest in the scene over the last year and his production encapsulates the minimalist sound that people have come to associate with Mob Recordings. The release features lyrical mastermind Prophecy on the title track ‘Regulate’ and up-and-coming producer, Medusa on track ‘Ritual’.

The Mob are amongst the new wave of labels that have gained traction through SoundCloud, with constant releases over the past year.  The label seems to defy the phrase quality over quantity, as they deliver top-notch production and a clear sense of modern and tasteful artwork to compliment their releases. It’s early days for The Mob Recordings, but Regulate clearly displays their capability and cutting-edge sound, certifying an exciting future for the London-based label.

Editor’s Pick: The third track ‘Ritual’ which is co-produced by Medusa is the stand-out track for me. It’s the elegantly added vocal sample from Sade’s 1992 hit track ‘Cherish The Day’ throughout which contrasts from the hard-hitting drum pattern, yet acts as the bonding momentum for the journey of the track throughout.


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You can stream and download the new Regulate EP from April 30th here:


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Words by Jake Osman & Leila Koukab.