The Duality of ‘GEMINI’ -Deep Ambient Electronica Meets Pop Musicals In Vocal Powerhouse Indiana Rich’s New Album [Video]

Indiana Rich is a new face to electronica, but her musical resume in other disciplines is impressive. A vocalist with an incredible natural talent, Rich excelled from an early age, winning top honours in choir and a capella singing in her native Boston and later at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. After two solo pop/folk fusion albums and several EPs with her Uni a capella group, for her latest album GEMINI, Rich has incorporated a health dose of ambient electronic sound design.

Describing her sound as ‘if ABBA and Bllie Eilish had a love child,’ Rich says GEMINI is a very personal album, wherein she flexes her storytelling and songwriting muscles whilst making some very poignant social commentary.

GEMINI is an extremely personal album to me. It is my response to the challenges of being a young adult in today’s world. My lyrics address topics that are important to me: Appreciation, healing, and vibrant growth. When people listen to this project my hope is first and foremost that they’re entertained and are also inspired to stand strong and be optimistic. 

Exploring topics like the pratfalls of living life online in ‘Google It!’ or the massive mess of the current political climate in ‘Independence Day’, GEMINI is also highly relatable on a personal level. ‘When You Say You Love Me’, for example, is not just a romantic ballad. Rich expresses the trepidation with which these words can be received under the modern definition of relationships and reflects how much the COVID period changed these things.

‘When You Say You Love Me’ is also a good example of the fusion Rich has done on this album with her new electronic sound design elements. With the help of her father Chris, Rich delved into deep ambient sounds: heavy bass and unexpected tones and keys introduce this track and provide an unexpected base to the pop/rock/musical sound of the rest of the track. They also incorporate vintage synths and keys for a jazzy retro vibe. The result is a true fusion and a musical paradox that mirrors the conflicted feelings expressed by the lyrics.

Her videos are another avenue for Rich to express her extraordinary creativity, and the video for ‘When You Say You Love Me’ is professionally done, with the camera work and editing syncing perfectly with the electronic work. GEMINI and all its component parts are an indication that whilst this album is seminal for Indiana Rich, she’s just getting started. With her voice and production abilities, the electronica scene likely hasn’t seen the last of her.

GEMINI is out now on Spotify. Check out the other videos from the album on Rich’s YouTube channel.