Top 5 Unreleased DNB Tracks #2

After we published the first in our series of the ‘Top 5 Unreleased DNB Tracks’, the response from readers was beyond our expectations. That is why we intend to make this a regular series, with five new (or old, rather) unreleased tracks being posted each month – and we want you to post your suggestions.

Here goes our next list of five:

Xample & Lomax – What You Want

This track was suggested on more than one occasion, and we can understand why. What we can’t understand is why this was never released! Since completion of the track in 2007 or 2008, it has only been played in a few mixes – including Cyantific’s ‘Sex Education’ mix. Since then, it has been updated – as can be heard in the embedded video – but no release date has ever been set.

LTJ Bukem – Horizons (Paradox Remix)

Another track suggested in our comments section and one which has been sought after by Drum & Bass fans for around 10 years – maybe longer. The fervent desire of many to see this remix released resulted in a petition being created. However, no matter how much people tried to influence Bukem, it was rumoured the remix couldn’t be released due to the amount of money being demanded for the sample used by Bukem in the original track.

Optical – What’s The Difference?

The only clips available of this track are taken from a low quality stream of Fabio & Grooverider’s ‘Xmas Special’ show on Kiss FM in 1996. Uploaded to Soundcloud by Optical himself, even he notes that this is the only recording he has of the track, and that he’d have to dig deep into the dubplate collection to find this one. Likely to ever get a release? Not very.

Rachid – Charade (Grooverider Remix)


Having not been released when it originally surfaced – around 1998 – this remix was reportedly revived in DJ sets in 2012 by the likes of Friction, Nu:Tone, and D*Minds; it was also played on Fabio & Grooverider’s last Radio 1 show. It was enough to fuel hope of a release over a decade since its inception. Alas, it was not to be.

Ed Rush & Optical – Funktion (Marky & Bungle Remix)


Marky & Bungle turned to the dark side for this remix of 1998 track ‘Funktion’ by Ed Rush & Optical. There were many rumours being chucked around as to why this never got released, but nothing confirmed by any of the artists involved or the record label. We’ll just continue listening to the YouTube clip; Hype’s comments on Bungle tickled us.

Send us your suggestions by posting in the comments section below.