Voltage interview

Voltage is not the type of man to let social isolation stand in the way of his love for drum & bass or his fellow ravers. He smashed a four hour set for Rough Tempo in the first weekend of lockdown and it sounds like there’s much more to come. Here’s what he has to say about it all right here.

It goes without saying that the world is going through something that we have not seen before in our lifetime. How are you adjusting to it all?

It’s quite a shock to the system, missing the gigs, missing the ravers… but lots of studio time and food.

You were one of the first DJs we saw to take action with your four-hour set on Rough Tempo. How important to the scene do you think streams like these will be to in the coming months and how can the idea be developed further?

You know what, it was the first weekend in, and I think we just all needed a pick me up and something to stop people still trying to go out and just get on with lockdown. I defo needed it as much as the ravers… gonna see a lot of streaming over the coming months!

Last year was a big year for you as both a solo artist and as part of Kings Of The Rollers. Do the three of you usually work in the same studio or do you bounce ideas and send them over to each other?

We tend to bounce ideas across to each other, then pick out the winners and get in together and bang them out! At the minute we’re just stockpiling ideas – tunes gonna come thick and fast when this is over haha!

You seem to have a great relationship with your fans and a very positive presence on social media and forums like DNB Talk. Have you got any stand out memories of fan interactions, good, bad or just weird?

I just love the ravers. I actually hate the word fans haha! We aren’t Elvis – he has fans. We’re just one big community and I absolutely love it. Plenty of weird moments – usually involving myself mid sesh in a rave to be honest.

In light of social distancing guidelines and more time at home how are you choosing to spend this extra time?

Studio / eating / studio / eating / Pornhub.

Ha Ha, I was tempted to put a hyperlink in for that one too.

We also have a handful of questions we are asking everyone we speak to – a sort of quarantine question time. What are your three lockdown essentials?

Food, food and, erm, more food apparently.

If you had to self-isolate with one other DNB artist who would it be?

Unknown MC – love you Joe!

How can fans best support their favourite artists while social isolation is still recommended?

You know what, most people would say oh Bandcamp or their websites etc which is cool but I promise you kind words and little messages mean so much more on the bad days.

What are your top five tunes to quarantine to?

Burial – Archangel, Shirelles – Baby It’s You, Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy, Samuel Barber – Adagio For Strings and Nina Simone – Misunderstood.

Any lockdown projects you’d like to share here?

The best thing is to just keep an eye on my Insta for updates.

Honestly, how many toilet rolls do you have in your house right now?


Finally, any words of positivity you would like to share with our readers?

You know what, one day, when this is all over, we will never take anything for granted again. I miss you all and we will get through it.