Week 48: Essential Releases [November 2014]

This week’s dnb picks from Nultiply including releases on Metalheadz, Shogun and Med School.

Icicle – Entropy (Shogun Audio)
Always been a big fan of the Ice man and loads of his early stuff still finds its way into my sets. No matter what style Icicle does it always seems to come out like he’s been at it his whole life and that’s very much on show again on Entropy. Styles vary from deep, minimal, neuro and a fair bit of dubstep that will remind you why that genre exploded like it did. (Remember that?!)

Ena – Binaural (Samurai Music)
Japanese producer Ena follows up his recent EP with the Binaural album on one of this year’s best labels, Samurai Music. Following on where the last EP left off, this album is full of soundscapes offset with minimal, techy and futuristic beats. Not the kind of tracks you are going to be hearing on the dancefloor much but this is by no means a bad thing. This is the kind of music that will send you off into your own little world on the train or walking through the city.

Various – Deeper Vision Remixed Vol.2 (Deeper Vision)
New York based label Deeper Vision Recordings hit us with the wicked Deeper Vision Remixed Vol.2 album. Rolling liquid vibes for the dancefloor throughout featuring remixes from Dramatic, Random Movement and Benny Page to name a few. This release will get the crowd moving.

BCee – Lost & Found Remix EP (Spearhead)
More remixes again this time from Spearhead for a revisit to label owner BCee’s ‘Lost & Found’ album. Not a bad track amongst the four offerings on the Lost & Found Remix EP with re-licks from Hybrid Minds, BCee himself, Dexell and the mighty Calibre.

Arp XP, HLZ & Nitri – Good Old Days / Gaia / Makes Me Wonder (Metalheadz)
Metalheadz smash out the amazing music yet again with this single from Arp XP, HLZ & Nitri. Title track Good Old Days leads the way with crispy steppy drums and big bass, then Makes Me Wonder slows things down with an nod to the old school and Gaia is a darker solo effort from HLZ.

Anile – Losing My Mind EP (Med School)
This has been a great year for Med School and Anile, a producer that just keeps getting better and is really starting to develop his sound. His Losing My Mind EP has lovely deep vibes throughout but my personal favourite is ‘To Live Without’ with its choppy vocal and piano.

Seba & Paradox – Delusions / Future Now (Secret Operations)
Sebadox in full effect here and, as you might expect, it’s two pieces of straight-up drum & bass with perfectly polished drums and big bass. Ominous and steppy vibes for both tracks that will have real dnb fans’ head’s nodding.

Om Unit – Inversion (Metalheadz)
More new music from the Metalheadz camp and this one is a bit special. Om Unit has been on fire recently and the Inversion really hits the nail on the head fusion the old and new school perfectly. A mix of drum heavy dance floor and half time minimal beats intertwined perfectly make this one of the best releases of 2014. If you don’t pick this up you should get your brain checked!

Kolectiv – Immortalis EP (Diffrent Music)
More pink giraffe action from the ever growing Diffrent Music. Kolectiv’s Immortalis EP has four tracks that have Diffrent’s half time crispy drum stamp all over them. Also featured are Diffrent regulars Mauoq and Dexta.

Scar – Call It What You Want EP (Dispatch)
Its almost hard to keep up with the amount of tracks Survival and Script have been smashing out since they joined forces to become Scar. However you can’t argue with the quality and consistency as they prove yet again on the Call It What You Want EP that features three dark and rolling tracks.