Whiney Guest Mix

Over the past two years, Whiney has made a quick impression upon drum & bass fans. The seeds were sewn with early support and a release from Hospital Records and, since then, he has flourished with releases on Med School, and Spearhead to name a few.

Following his recent single on Code Recordings – introducing us to tech-influenced elements never heard before in his music – we got in touch to find out more of what he has in store this year. He has also recorded a 32-track mix for us, of which 16 are his own.

You’ve achieved a great deal ever since your first release about two years ago, with releases on some of the most esteemed labels in drum & bass, and frequent DJ support. What have been your highlights?

For me, the initial release on Hospital with Keeno and Louisa Bass was a huge ‘wow’ moment and it got me thinking ‘yeah, I should really take this whole music making business a bit more seriously now’. Having a piece of music released on a record label you’ve admired whilst growing up and to have it at such an early stage was an incredible feeling – I vividly remember signing the contract on my 18th birthday.

The ‘By Your Side’ remix also can’t go unmentioned. Will and I wrote the remix in one go on an afternoon in his bedroom and the following evening travelled up to London to Hospitality Brixton. Only a couple of months later at the following Hospitality Brixton event, Will sent me video footage of it being dropped twice – once by London Elek and once by S.P.Y – with confetti cannons and a great reception from the crowd.

I couldn’t be at the event, but just to see that and people appreciating your music was simply mind-blowing and extremely humbling. Aside from releases, supporting Sigma, Etherwood and BCee in gigs up in Manchester have left me with moments I’ll never forget.

You’re currently studying in Manchester, an area with a strong drum & bass scene. You must be finding it hard getting work done?

The following here is fantastic and the nights to suit do not disappoint. Soul:ution and the Hit&Run events put on by Rich Reason always bring a quality line up and it’s been a pleasure to have the opportunity to be a part of them. Somehow work has been done, although I’m sure many students would agree with me in saying first year Geography isn’t the most demanding of degrees – which isn’t too much of a problem when all you want to do is write music and spend time with friends.

I remember seeing a video interview with you from about two years ago and, when asked about your studio equipment, you revealed that you used just a laptop and a knock-off pair of Dre Beats headphones. Have you managed to upgrade since then?

Yes! The Beats are gone; dead and buried in the back of a wardrobe somewhere after they broke during a heavy mixing session. I don’t think I’ll be parting with my money in Malaysian street markets again. I’ve got the same unreliable and slow laptop but managed to get my hands on a pair of AYRA 5 monitors and a Focusrite soundcard which, for the price, have served me extremely well.

Apart from that and a mini USB keyboard, all of the music I produce is done within a laptop. I’m looking to change this though and have been saving up to invest in some new software, a new computer and microphone so I can bring in live elements such as violin and guitar.

The remix of S.P.Y’s ‘By Your Side’ came out as a limited edition release on a fancy looking blue vinyl. Have you had the chance to give that a spin yet?

I haven’t unfortunately as I don’t own a vinyl player! It’s something I’m definitely going to save for the future when I start building a record collection and invest in a pair of Technics. One will be getting played and the other displayed on the wall as it looks gorgeous. The wav will just have to do for now!

The release on Code Recordings, ‘Spoilers / Stakeout (ft. MC Subverse)’ has seen you stray from liquid drum & bass by producing two fiery, hard-edged tracks. How much more variation in style can we expect from you?

That’s a good question! I tend to write music in the mood I’m in at the time and really enjoy experimenting, which is probably why it was such a surprise to people when they heard that side of my production. I’ve written a lot over the past couple of months and have found it really enjoyable writing an atmospheric-liquid type vibe in which I feel I’m finding ‘my sound’. The techy-edge to my music I’ll make sure to keep going however, as it’s a side of drum & bass that I really enjoy hearing and playing at nights out, particularly up in Manchester.

We’ve seen you collaborate with Keeno, and more recently Phase. Are there any other artists that you’re currently working with?

I’m currently working with the Conduct boys who recently won the Kmag remix competition, and will hopefully be joining them in the studio over the summer which is bound to be lots of fun. I’ve also been working with the really talented LaMeduza as well as up-and-coming vocalist Samuel Jackson which you’ll hopefully be able to hear in the near future.

‘Sleeplessness’ – your collaboration with Keeno – was very recently released on Etherwood’s ‘Hospital Mixtape’, and I have a feeling you have some more music out very soon. Can you list off a few tracks from you that we can expect to see released in the near future?

‘Sleeplessness’ and another tune entitled ‘Borderless’ are both forthcoming on Keeno’s Life Cycle LP as well as some individual tracks forthcoming on Liquicity’s Galaxy of Dreams 2 album and BTK’s Dutty Audio label. I’ve also recently completed my first official remix for the extremely talented ‘Violet Skies’, more details of the release will be coming soon.

Where can we catch you playing over the course of the next few months?

I’ll be playing in Manchester supporting DJ Marky on June 4th and also at the Christchurch Ball in Oxford on June 21st on the same stage Clean Bandit headlined a couple of years ago. Apart from that I’m free, so, promoters get in touch!

You’ve recorded a mix for us. What treats will we find?

Lots of new and exclusive music from the likes of Keeno, Conduct and myself; along with numerous remixes and a whole host of other tracks that have inspired me lately. Out of the 32 tracks included, 16 are my own – most of which have never been heard before. Enjoy!

Download Whiney’s Kmag guest mix here


  1. Evocativ – The Lovers (Whiney Remix) [Free]
  2. Netsky – Escape [Hospital]
  3. Technimatic – Bristol [Shogun]
  4. Stealth & Altair – You Do Me Wrong [Program]
  5. Whiney – ID [dub]
  6. Keeno & Whiney – Isokime VIP [Med School]
  7. Wilkinson – Afterglow [RAM]
  8. Fred V & Grafix – Maverick Souls [Hospital]
  9. Keeno & Whiney – ID [dub]
  10. Phase & Whiney – Transit [Radar]
  11. Keeno & Whiney – ID [dub]
  12. Chroma – If Only You Knew [Program]
  13. Etherwood – Disposition [Hospital]
  14. Wilkinson – Too Close [RAM]
  15. Rhodes – Worry (Whiney Remix)
  16. Technimatic – Night Vision [Shogun]
  17. Memro – Spyglass [Proximity]
  18. Whiney – ID [Dub]
  19. Blu Mar Ten – Hunter (ft. Seba) (Whiney Remix) [Dub]
  20. Loadstar – Stepped Outside [RAM]
  21. Violet Skies – How The Mighty (Whiney Remix) [TBC]
  22. Conduct – Grey [Dub]
  23. Calyx & Teebee – Elevate This Sound [RAM]
  24. Whiney – ID [Dub]
  25. Eastcolors – Toys [Program]
  26. Whiney – ID [Dub]
  27. Whiney – ID [Dub]
  28. Kasra & Enei – Breath [Critical]
  29. Whiney – Just Leaving [Dutty Audio]
  30. Keeno – Sleeplessness (ft. Whiney) [Med School]
  31. Keeno – Borderless (ft. Whiney) [Med School]
  32. Dimension – All I Need (Karma Remix) [CYN Music]