Bass Music Goes To War


The bass music world is at war, jungle war! Producers from all across the bass music BPM spectrum have been making dubs featuring the classic jungle sound of 1994.

The format is simple, basically you make a ridiculous jungle tune and pass it on to some other producers via the track title on Soundcloud and they then respond. So far there have been over 300 dubs made by the likes of Gantz, Epoch, ETCH, Om Unit, Sully, TMSV, Sleeper, Coleco, Fanu, Tim Reaper, Chimpo and lots more. If you’ve got time listen to them all below!

“It’s been getting a lot of attention,” says Fanu. “I got 2,400 plays in seven hours, which is my personal Soundcloud record in that short a time.”

If the amount of plays indicates who’s winning the jungle warz then Om Unit out in front with over 30,000 plays.


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