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Kmag Presents Ruffneck Ting at Cafe 1001 on 17 October

Next up at our monthly free Kmag Presents sessions at Café 1001 is legendary Bristol jungle label / event Ruffneck Ting on Friday 17 October. Ruffneck Ting originally ran from 1993 – 1999 but last year resident DJ Dazee revived the label to celebrate its twentieth anniversary and it’s gone from strength to strength this year with releases from K Jah, Jinx and Dazee herself. We spoke to Dazee to find out what to expect on the night.

Give us a potted history of Ruffneck Ting in the 90s…
Founded by myself and Markee Ledge in1993, Ruffneck Ting grew from humble beginnings at a Bristol bar called The Bank. Colin and Rachel soon joined the Ledge crew (as we liked to be known) and started publishing a funny little magazine called Knowledge to support the junglist movement.

With our combined efforts plus big line-ups and strong residents, Ruffneck soon packed out venues such as Lakota, Trinity and UWE, then toured to places like Swansea, Cardiff and Swindon.

The record label of the same name was established in1995 and featured tracks by myself and Markee Ledge as Substance, Decoder, Felony and MC Jakes. The label released classic tracks such as Home Boyz, LF Ant, Rude Girls, Damn Right and many more and later spawned Breakbeat Culture, a successful sister label and shop.

Why did you relaunch the label last year?
It was a combination of things but the question should be why did we ever stop? To be honest when the other crew members took on different projects and moved away it was left to me to continue and I think I lost a bit of confidence in putting the music out (even though I never stopped making it).

After meeting up with kindred junglists (and long-time Ruffneck Ting fans!) Jinx and K Jah and working with them, tunes were starting to build up to release. At the same time Ruffneck reached its 20th anniversary and we were under quite of pressure to put on another event.

Markee and Colin came up with the idea of releasing a classics album of the old tracks so they were available digitally for the first time. This was a perfect platform for a label relaunch with both the album and the night named RNT20

How has 2014 been for you so far?
Absolutely blinding! Our releases have done really well and there seems to be a lot of support for what we’re doing here and abroad. Had some amazing highlight gigs such as Glastonbury and Shambala and mixing live on Bailey’s show on Ministry of Sound . Looking forward to more exciting stuff coming up and working with Ruffneck’s super talented workaholic artists to take the label further.

Tell us more about your next release…
The next Release on Ruffneck Ting is Jinx’s EP Men Are From Mars. Four heavyweight tracks that have been smashing it for a while, but not too long cos we like to keep it fresh!

Got any other releases in the pipeline we should look out for?
We’ve got Remixes Part 2 coming soon with Sterling Sounds awesome Gypsy remix, my EP, and loads more big tunes from Jinx, K Jah and Vytol. I’ve also got remixes coming on One Drop Sound and Serial Killaz Digital and a collab with Jinx on Hocus Pocus.

What tracks are you working on at the moment?
Trying to finish my EP but keep having remixes to do! I’ve got three tracks more or less ready, two of which are featured in the mix: Control Her Mind and Deep End, a collab with Ade Dawn Raid and K Jah. So basically I gotta come up with the last one very soon.

Tell us a bit about everyone on the line-up for your date with us at Cafe 1001 and what people can expect from their sets…
You’re getting the full Ruffneck Ting artist crew: Jinx, Vytol K Jah and myself, we’re doing two one and a half hour sets back to back. We’ll all be bringing the Ruffneck Ting flavour which is bouncy, vibesing tunes but we all have unique dubs… and unique DJ moves: watch out for the Hawaii 5-0 and the Jazz Hand – haha!

Where else can people catch you DJing?
Bristol, Gloucester and Cardiff in October. In November I’m back in London attempting a liquid set at Conrad’s new night in London at Piccadilly Exchange, some more Bristol gigs plus I’m very excited about being back in Plymouth for Legends.

How did you approach the mix you’ve done for us, is it a fair reflection of what you’re currently playing out?
Yep it’s very much what I’m playing out and some people may recognise the odd mix or too! Loads of Ruffneck Ting releases and dubs, some older tracks a couple of classics and some blinders from other producers / labels.

I’ve taken a risk and included some not entirely finished tunes of mine too, but that’s standard in my sets! I’ve started a little gentler than I would for a peak set but soon build up to some proper uplifting bouncy party vibes then move grimier towards the end (which is actually my favourite bit).

It’s all the styles I like to play, mixed using Serato and my 20-year-old decks (still bearing Ledge stickers) and lovely ancient Urei mixer. I’ve added a touch of post-production with a few idents from certain well known MCs including a rip from a classic tape pack.

Any plans for any more Ruffneck Ting events in Bristol?
Hope to do some more label nights in Bristol and beyond, the first one hosted by Jungle Ting in Birmingham was fab!

Anything else you want to tell us about?
Keep an ear out for Ruffneck Ting takeovers on the airwaves, there are two in October! We also have a fab new website: ruffneckting.uk and we’re looking forward to getting our new tees out and available through the site.

We’re pimping the Ruffneck Ting Soundcloud too, so there’ll be free downloads and more action going on there so well worth a follow if you like what we do. If you like this mix there are more mixes available on the DJ Dazee Soundcloud page plus links to more from all the crew on the website.

Thanks for the interview, see you at Café 1001 on 17 October!

Download Dazee’s guest mix here


  1. Dazee, K Jah, Dawn Raid – Deep End (Ruffneck Ting dub)
  2. DJ Shield – Gospel Chops (Cabin Fever remix)
  3. Sterling Sound – No Doubt (Habitat remix) (ASBO)
  4. Saxxon – Tiktaks
  5. Jinx – Mellow Out (Ruffneck Ting dub)
  6. Diamond Geezer – My Girl (Dazee remix) (One Drop Sound dub)
  7. Potential Bad Boy & Fats – Girls (Playaz)
  8. Substance ft. Dazee – Homeboyz (K Jah VIP remix) (Ruffneck Ting dub)
  9. Vytol – Headz (Ruffneck Ting dub)
  10. The Unknown – Filthy Habits (Random Concept)
  11. Interface – Get Down (Clear Skies)
  12. Serum – Wire Trap (Chronic)
  13. K Jah & Jinx – Rough Times (Ruffneck Ting)
  14. Nutone – Never Together (Hospital)
  15. Dazee – Control Her Mind (Ruffneck Ting dub)
  16. Kners ft. Dr Meaker – Opposites Attract (Dazee remix)
  17. Dazee & Substance – Damn Right (Saxxon & Jinx remix) (Ruffneck Ting)
  18. Jinx ft Regina – Inside Out (K Jah & Vytol remix) (Ruffneck Ting dub)
  19. Cabin Fever – Regret It (K Jah remix) (dub)
  20. DJ Sly & Pasco ft. Alicia King – Guilty Pleasure (Low Down Deep)
  21. K Jah &Vytol – We Love Hip Hop (Hazardous Music dub)
  22. K Jah – Jabba Jaw (Ruffneck Ting dub)
  23. Dazee & Substance – Rude Girlz (Dazee 2014 remix) (Ruffneck Ting dub)
  24. Jinx – Men Are From Mars (Ruffneck Ting dub)
  25. Tu Nice – Uprising (Serial Killaz remix)
  26. Jinx – Evolve (Ruffneck Ting dub)
  27. Duck Hunt – The Jungle Bootleg (dub)
  28. Hazard – Bricks Don’t Roll (Playaz)
  29. Krust – Angles – DJ Andy & Mikrob (Planet V)
  30. Jinx – People (Ruffneck Ting dub)
  31. K Jah – Cola Cubes (Ruffneck Ting)
  32. Damage Report – Tremor (Playaz)
  33. Voltage – Bitch Don’t Kill My Wobble (Smokin Riddims)
  34. Substance – Gypsy (Sterling Sounds remix) (Ruffneck Ting dub)
  35. Filthy Habits & Fena – Better Off Dead
  36. Sappo – Bristol Beat (Nu Elements remix) (Advisory)