L 33

L 33 Guest Mix

Talented Bulgarian producer L 33 is only 20-years-old but already he’s had releases on labels like ProgRAM, Eatbrain  and Addictive Behaviour. He’s making big moves in 2014 so we tracked him down for a guest mix and he told us about his debut album for Eatbrain, the scene in Bulgaria and Andy C making him feel like a little teen girl!

Please introduce yourself briefly…
I’m Dayan and I produce under the alias L 33. Basically L 33 stands for “Lee”. When I was 15-16 I used to play computer games and it was my nickname.

How is the drum & bass scene in Bulgaria at the moment?
To be honest, it’s pretty well developed but almost everything is oriented around the capital. Big events happen regularly and there are lots of people involved in that community. I really enjoy playing out in Bulgaria, the crowd is just crazy. One of the best crowds around Europe, if you don’t believe me come and see with your own eyes.

How did you get your music noticed in the beginning?
I was struggling a lot with signing my work, at the beginning and I had no idea how I should proceed. I started sending some stuff to some of the biggest names and I kept sending. I was trying to get better and better and finally get noticed a bit. I will never forget how Andy C contacted me after a year and a half, maybe two.

I got into my bed and heard my AIM bleeping. I was like – “Oh fuck, some annoying spam or something”. I opened my laptop and saw Andy C telling me that he really liked the things I had sent and wanted to send him some more music. I won’t lie, I felt like a little teen girl.

How would you describe your approach to making music?
I don’t get in the studio if I don’t feel like I want to make music. You can’t force that. But when I get there I’m trying to fit the different elements together and get into some kind of a vibe, then I just develop it until it sounds fully. A long time ago I was more into more minimalistic stuff but nowadays it’s completely different.

What’s your studio setup like?
Really basic, nothing special. I believe that you don’t need tons of hardware to make some good music. Years ago I did my first couple of vinyls on some cheap hi-fi speakers and they cost the amazing amount of 40 bucks.

Tell us about your most recent single on Addictive Behaviour…
I tried to do something different, a dark roller plus a vibey dancefloor track happened to be a good combination. I was really surprised to see the big success of that single. I didn’t expect it… It was supported by some of the big names including some legends in the business. The whole release came up really quick without pressure. I can say it’s one of the most successful releases I’ve ever had.

You recently announced a forthcoming LP on Eatbrain, what can you tell us about it?
Yes, I’m working on an album for Eatbrain. It’s at starting phase just now and planned for release next year. It will probably feature some really exciting collaborations as well. That’s all I can say at this point.

Got any other releases / remixes in the pipeline we should look out for?
Releases never stop. I’m not sure what I can announce but I’ve got something in the pipeline for sure so keep your eyes open.

Are you making any other styles of music apart from drum & bass?
Yes, I’m also making some 140 stuff. You can’t stick with one genre, it won’t take you anywhere. Sometimes it’s really relaxing to work on something different. It also gives you a different approach and you’re definitely gaining some creativity working on some other beats.

Tell us a bit more about the mix you are giving away with us…
It features some tracks I’m really feeling at the moment and playing out regularly plus some exclusives.

What’s the best gig you played in the last six months?
Hmm, not sure… I’ve enjoyed every single gig to the max for the past few months. Every one of them had its own charm. But I remember a gig in Rijeka with Enei a long time ago. It was something special to me.

Anything else you want to add?
Big thanks to all the people around supporting my music.

Download L 33’s Kmag guest mix here