Serum Guest Mix

Kmag speaks with jungle veteran Mark Gaunt aka Serum. We get into specifics about studio gear, beer and his latest release and collaboration with Coda “Witchcraft” out on Switch!

First off, you’ve had a busy year of releases including the Big Loader EP on Chronic, “Tommy Gun” on Playaz, and a stellar remix with Bladerunner, “Dreaming” for the We Gotcha project. As if that wasn’t enough you recently joined forces with Coda on “Witchcraft”. What a year! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us.
The pleasure’s all mine.

You’re known for being quite prolific in the studio, how do you manage keeping all of your commitments in check?
It’s not easy but I seem to find that I get more done when I have less time.

What led you to teaming up with Coda for your latest single Witchcraft?
We’ve known each other for quite a few years from when I played at Switch in Vienna, which Coda co-runs. We have a lot of the same interests and he lives quite nearby so it was easy to get in the studio. He’s really come into his own in the last few years and is definitely someone to watch.


With that said, do you two have anything else up your sleeves?
We’ve done a few tracks for Charge including a classic remix which you should be able to pick out if you’ve heard one of my sets recently. We also have a more melodic track in the works that we’re going to get a vocal over and I think that’s likely to drop on V.

So you’ve played at Vienna’s famed Switch! Events, what is the vibe like over there?
Switch is always great fun. It’s like being in a club full of your mates, even the first time you go there.

Can you confirm any forthcoming releases for the rest of the year?
I’ll be presenting a compilation on Philly Blunt later this year which will have all a mixture of classic remixes and new tracks, including my first collaboration with Serial Killaz and tracks from Bladerunner, L Side, Explicit, DJ Chap and loads more. Aside from that there will be tracks on V Recordings that I’ve written with Paul T and Edward Oberon and a few more bits with Serial Killaz. On the solo front I’m finishing an EP for Low Down Deep at the moment and working with a few very exciting vocalists.

As an advocate for analog sound, what is your most sought after piece of gear at the moment, and what is your most recent upgrade?
I’ve run out of rack space so I’ve not been able to get anything new in a while but the last thing was a Vermona Retroverb which is a spring reverb with a whole load of other features. It’s great for dubbed out reggae sounds. The next thing I’m after is a Neumann mic and a good pre-amp to go with it.

Which jungle classic would you love to remix if the offer was extended? 
There are loads but I’ve done quite a few of them now, fortunately!

Which artists do you think are doing justice to the modern day sound? 
My favourite artists at the moment are Bladerunner, Hazard, Annix, Serial Killaz, Mampi Swift, Coda, Explicit, Unreal

Any special event’s you’re looking forward to this fall? 
I’ll be out and about quite a bit in various places but I’m really trying to keep the momentum going in the studio and get all my projects finished, particularly the Philly Blunt album.

We know you are quite fond of your brews, what are some of your favourite beers? When did you get into home brewing?
I’m a complete beer geek with my favourites being Belgian beers. They’re pretty expensive over here so brewing was a way of having a garage full of them. When I like something I always want to know how it’s made. It’s the same thing that got me making music. My favourite beers are Saison Dupont, Val Dieu triple and Orval.

Thanks for dropping a Kmag exclusive guest mix for us, what’s inside?
It’s mostly a showcase of my forthcoming material but there are a few classics and other tracks I’m feeling spread through it. I’ve tried to get through as many tracks as possible to show people what my production’s about.

Download Serum’s Guest Mix HERE


  1. Run Tingz feat Tenor Fly – Murder Ya Sound (Serum Remix) – Run Tingz Recordings
  2. Scorpio – Li Li – V
  3. Hazard – Bricks Don’t Roll – Playaz
  4. Serum vs Serial Killaz – Gun Talk – Serial Killaz
  5. Serum – Up In Smoke – Low Down Deep
  6. Serum – Wiretap – Chronic
  7. Serum & Coda – Hindsight – Charge
  8. Unreal & Pennygiles – Nothing Lasts Forever – Liquid V
  9. Serum vs Serial Killaz – Hold On – Philly Blunt
  10. Roni Size – It’s Jazzy (Remix) – V
  11. Serum & Paul T feat Edward Oberon – In Too Deep – V
  12. Serum – Deep Inside – Dub
  13. Dr Meaker – Right Back – V
  14. Glamour Gold – You Can Run (Serum Remix) – Philly Blunt
  15. Remarc – Sound Murderer (Bladerunner Remix) – Dollar
  16. Coda – Black Magic – Charge
  17. Serum & Coda – Witchcraft – Switch
  18. Dillinja – Gangsta (Serum Remix) – Philly Blunt