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Top 5 Unreleased DNB Tracks

We welcome a new monthly feature to the Kmag website – the ‘Top 5 Unreleased DNB Tracks’. By ‘unreleased’ we aren’t referring to our favourite tracks that will be out in a matter of days, weeks – maybe a few months.

We are talking about tracks that have temporarily surfaced in DJ sets or radio shows, but are not seen fit for release and, either get played by the privileged few, or stagnate on the hard-drives of the creators.

Here is our first rundown of some musical masterpieces that may never see the light of day:

Dave Owen – Yo Girl:

A firm favourite for Fabio and Bailey – and played regularly on their BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra shows a few years ago – ‘Yo Girl’ seemed destined for a release on the former’s Creative Source label. However, having sampled tracks from ‘Donald Byrd’ and ‘Chris Brown’, one can only suspect that may have been the cause for it to not be released.

Marky & S.P.Y – Destiny

Marky and S.P.Y rarely, if ever, fail to make remarkable music when they collaborate. At one point, there was speculation that the two would create an album; it was around the time this track was floating around. But, four years later – and with S.P.Y having produced two albums for Hospital Records – this track seems unlikely to surface.

Calibre – Synthetic


Followers of Calibre will understand that he’s a perfectionist and, despite a huge back catalogue, there are probably a greater number of tracks that he’s not wanted to release. Thankfully, the person behind the Unreleased Calibre Soundcloud page has uploaded a few of the tracks that have received airplay, but have never made it to the distributors. This one is a particular favourite of ours.

Mutated Forms & Stanza – The Big Bang

This rather haunting, yet bouncy, drum & bass track has received only a few online plays, namely from Crissy Criss, as well as being featured in mixes and DJ sets from Mutated Forms and Stanza. We’re unsure why it never got released; the three minute audio clip will have to suffice.

DC Breaks – Resolutions (ft. Vanessa Freeman)

This unreleased track was first played in 2010, and then a couple of years later in DC Breaks’ guest mix for Kmag Podcast #27. Several releases have passed on the RAM label, but none have featured ‘Resolutions’. Its absence over that period leads us to think that there is no possibility of a release, but then again, they are due an album soon.

We want to hear what you think should be included in the next feature. Post your comments below!