Trilo Guest Mix

Trilo, aka Peter Barta, is a Slovakian drum & bass producer now living in Poland. Previously he’s released on labels like Disturbed, Fokuz:Ltd and Syndrome Audio but recently started releasing on Renegade Hardware and Prozac /Enterprise, his first solo vinyl, has just come out. So what better time for an interview and guest mix?

Your first release on Renegade Hardware was a track called Defer on the Compound One EP earlier this year, how did this come about and what can you tell us about Defer?
It’s hard to remember the specific process of creating Defer as it was finished a while ago, but I remember when Scott [Hardware’s label manager] wrote to me via AIM saying he was interested in signing it. My hands start literally shaking and I became paralysed, it was like a dream come true!

I started Defer back in 2011, then there was a year long gap before I finished it in early 2013. I always like to have some form of melody in my tunes rather than just pure technical monotone flow, so I try to include some musicality in my intros or breakdowns.

How was working with Subtension and Minor Rain on No Smer on the Multiverse EP? As a producer do you find it more restrictive or more enabling working as a collective on a track?
It was epic. We are good friends and our minds are all on the same wavelength. So it was fun and a pleasure when we could all sit down in the studio. I found it very inspiring, we shared our thoughts and ideas and tried to optimize tune to make everyone happy, and I think it went well.

No Smer is fantastic song incorporating a lot of different drum & bass styles and sounds – very techy, dancey, bouncey and gritty. Is this the sound you were most comfortable with creating, or was it the sound you enjoyed the most?
As I said, we tried to include everyone’s identity in that tune. As a starter Mario put some of his really sick synths into project, then we messed around with them, tried a lot of arrangement variations to find that “groove” which worked for all of us. Jakub [Minor Rain] added some of his trademark sounds as well, nice psychoacoustic stuff, a lot of FX and sick percussion and the main idea was born. Then we got drunk in a local casino!

After that we continued working on the project via the internet, a collective Ableton project, I added some synths and modified it to my taste as well, and messed around with the final arrangement and that was pretty much it.

It came together very naturally although there was a little pressure on us as there was a deadline to meet, but I came together on schedule. Thanks goes to Scott who put his trust in us and gave us the opportunity to be included on the Multiverse EP, which is a really sick EP.

Tell us more about your influences and what producers inspire your sound…
A lot of influences comes from music I listened to before I started producing dnb. I played guitar in various local bands (from rock & roll thru to nu-metal to hardcore), so that modified my perception of the sound a lot.

There are plenty of producers I am feeling, you can find most of my favourite producers inside my guest mix. Beyond dnb I like bands like Deftones, Limp Bizkit, RATM, Beastie Boys, Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, Lulu Rouge, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, The Black Angels, Stone Roses, Kula Shaker, Kasabian, Stereo MCs, Jamiroquai, Radiohead… too many to name.

How do you feel your releases on Renegade Hardware will differ from your prior releases on Fokuz Ltd & Syndrome Audio etc? Do you see this is an opportunity to develop and build on your previous sounds or to try something slightly different?
Most of my past releases were collaborations with my mate Keosz, so it was like a combination of our styles, kinda deeper stuff. My releases on Hardware are representing my real self and my current approach to dnb.

I am very grateful to be a part of such a legendary label and I am focusing my productions to create my own take on the Hardware sound.

Your first solo vinyl has just been released, do you see this is a milestone in your career? Tell us a little behind the names of the tracks on the EP
Yes, it really is a milestone in my career. My first solo vinyl release on label like Renegade Hardware is something I’m really happy about. It gives me a boost in motivation to continue what I am doing.

Prozac is called Prozac just because I liked that title. Enterprise – let’s say that it was influenced by the spaceship from Star Trek but to be honest I don’t really know why!

Apart from your new solo vinyl release, you’ve also got a great digital release Barracks coming out at the same time. Was there a decision from yourself or the label as to which songs would be pressed to vinyl and which would be digital?
Glad you like Barracks, thanks! Actually as far as I remember, Scott was interested in putting Barracks on A-side, but he is a cool guy and let me choose which one will be pressed on the vinyl, and I chose Enterprise. I like it a little bit more because of its variations, especially the second part of the tune.

By the way, Barracks was originally named Scarab but there is a tune forthcoming from Ed Rush that shared the same name, so I just reversed it and Bar(r)ac(k)s was born.

Aside from the new-upcoming releases we have spoken about, have you got anything in the pipeline for the near future? A bit of rest & relaxation, more studio time or touring and gigging?
I’ve just came back from sunny Crete so my rest & relaxation is already sorted. In terms of releases there is one deeper tune coming out on Czech label Authentic Music.

Besides that I am looking forward to working on a remix for BTK’s label Dutty Audio, a remix for my friend Minor Rain , one track with an MC that I really like and, of course, more solo material. So definitely plenty of studio time ahead.

My gig schedule is pretty quiet at the moment and I would definitely like to have more gigs as I love DJing, so promoters, please get in touch!

Download Trilo’s guest mix here


  1. Subtension – Taking Care [MedSchool]
  2. Trilo – Barracks [Renegade Hardware]
  3. Borderline – Stimulus [Project 51]
  4. Prolix & Rido – Exploration [Trendkill]
  5. Maztek – M Theory (Audio rmx) [Renegade Hardware] 05. Dabs & Cern – Alter Ego [Dispatch]
  6. Trilo – Voicefreak
  7. Black Sun Empire & Jade – Deadhouse (InsideInfo & Mefjus rmx) [Blackout Music]
  8. Artifact – Surveillance [Dutty Audio]
  9. Definate – Reminiscence [Authentic Music]
  10. Trilo – Enterprise [Renegade Hardware]
  11. Minor Rain – Flux
  12. DLR & Prolix – Originate [Trendkill]
  13. Ulterior Motive – M.I.R. [Metalheadz]
  14. BTK – Megahertz [Renegade Hardware]
  15. C4C – Lowlife (Maztek rmx)
  16. Subtension – AK 47 [Renegade Hardware]
  17. Minor Rain – Villain [FutureFunk]
  18. Trilo – Prozac [Renegade Hardware]