Clima Guest Mix

Spanish production duo Clima have enjoyed a succession of releases so far this year and also finished second in our recent Liondub Remix Competition. It hasn’t been long since then, but their recent work still continues to marvel us. We got in touch with them to find out a bit of background and what the rest of the year has in store…

What I find most appealing about your music is that it caters to more than just one taste; it reflects different moods, changes structure and pace. What type of music did you make when you first started, and when did you begin to diversify?

We started just doing the style that we like the most which is obviously drum & bass, but as there are also many other styles and music we love. We decided to spend more time working in the studio and start trying to produce things in different BPMs than the standard we used to do.

Some ideas may work better when you take them out in different genres, we think that trying this is really a good thing; it provides you with ideas and influences.

Due to the diversity of your sound, you’ve worked with several record labels. How have you been able to secure the interest of so many?

We have been working hard in the studio and trying to approach the labels in the most natural way possible; always considering the ethos of the label or its characteristic sound.

We think the key is that labels can see you’re trying to do your thing in the most professional way possible, caring about the sounds that you want to show, and also giving support to them, spreading the music and collaborating with remixes and also some mixes/podcasts.

Besides this we try to work with labels that obviously we respect and whose music we like.

Which tracks of yours do you consider the most experimental?

Maybe “Earth Dub” (Turbine Music), “Digital Style” (Diffrent Music) and “Hombres Que Avanzan” (Slime Recordings).

In the case of the first two they were some kind of personal tribute to classic dub riddims at its most hypnotic, but taking it into our own hands and providing it with a twist and a more futuristic sound.

For “Hombres Que Avanzan” we wanted a track that transmitted deep feelings without focusing on any particular style, so we worked in the studio incorporating different elements until we achieved something that sounded fitting for our idea and that you couldn’t assign to a particular genre.

What are you yet to experiment with in your music that you would like to incorporate at some point?

We are always searching for new ideas and incorporating new elements that hopefully we can use and bring to our sound. We didn’t consider something specific or ask ourselves about what could be our next experiment, it simply emerges.

We are open to experiment and want to believe that our “trademark”, regardless of the style or BPM, will always will be focused on music that takes you to different deep moods and has this characteristic dubby touch which we love.

You’ve spoken recently about how the type of music you produce isn’t broadcast much in Spain and how the drum & bass scene is relatively small. Despite the popularity of other forms of music there, what was it that attracted you to underground music?

We do things by what we love. We respect dnb since the beginning because we have spent many years DJing drum & bass and being part of our local scene and, although we are into many other genres, drum & bass is still the music we love the most.

So when we took the leap to production… why would we change? We never propose to make a certain type of music just to sell more or to reach more people; we do what we like best and what is more interesting for us.

We also think that underground music is less conformist and more creative than popular stuff and is always leading to the creation of new territories.

You’ve had several releases out so far in 2014, and more to come on Slime Recordings and Skutta from what I’ve seen. Has this been your busiest year so far?

Definitely yes! Since we started in 2013 we’ve had more than 40 releases (our own productions and some remixes) and it’s true that 2014 is a busy year for us with releases for labels such as Diffrent Music, Dust Audio, Dubkraft, Rawganics, Turbine Music, Slime Recordings, Skutta Records, Onset Audio, Melting Pot and C Recordings.

Also this year we’ve made a lot of podcasts / mixes for different magazines, websites, radio, crews, etc – so we’ve been very, very busy! But we’re really happy with all this situation and hopefully this will continue!

Have you got any exciting projects lined up you can tell us about?

Yes! We can tell you that by the end of the year we plan to release a 7″ vinyl limited edition on Turbine Music (Dust Audio’s sister label) with our man Red Army. It’s something we are really excited about. In addition we also have more releases pending – a collaboration with Red Army, Inertia and some other international artists, but for the moment we cannot give more details.

Also, as a result of the competition organised by Kmag & Liondub, we have a remix coming out that we made for True Spirit’s “Kill It Properly”, as well as some new Clima tunes for Liondub; we think it will be really interesting because we want to respect the vibes of the label but give our personal touch.

And, of course, we will continue releasing more tunes on different labels: both with whom we’ve worked as well as some new ones and our usual dose of mixes/podcasts, so stay tuned for more Clima info!

Any shout outs?

We want to thank Kmag for this interview and take the opportunity to give shouts to the crews from labels like Diffrent, Dust Audio, Skutta, Slime Recordings, Rawganics, Onset Audio, etc – and artists like Red Army, Homemade Weapons, Dexta, Amoss, ArpXp, Gremlinz, Daat, Concealed Identity, Dyl, Inertia, Stunna, and the list goes on and on! Big ups to everyone for the support and the trust you put in us!

Download Clima’s Kmag guest mix here


  1. Aaron Static & Clima – Synthetic Climate (Slime Recordings dub)
  2. Seba – Mesmerism (Secret Operations)
  3. Hyroglifics – Soundboy VIP (Proximity Recordings)
  4. ?????
  5. Clima – Dub Life (Diffrent Music)
  6. ?????
  7. ?????
  8. Homemade Weapons – Saibot (Break-Fast Audio)
  9. Arkaik – Babylon Dub (Diffrent Music)
  10. Clima – Stay Strong (Onset Audio dub)
  11. Jumpat – Aint Ready (Metaphysic Audio dub)
  12. ?????
  13. Red Army – Wanderlust (Turbine Music)
  14. ?????
  15. Gremlinz & Ahmad & Mental Forces – Shiva (Architecture Recordings)
  16. Blocks & Escher – Shadow Play (Digital Soundboy)
  17. Quadrant & Iris & Calculon & Homemade Weapons – Covalent (Commercial Suicide)
  18. Amoss ft. Mc Jc – Bleed It VIP (Horizons Music)
  19. Need For Mirrors – Pedestrian (Horizons Music)
  20. Clima – Against All Odds (Dust Audio)
  21. Enorme – Stoneface (Mystic State remix) (None Decay Music dub)
  22. ?????
  23. Blocks & Escher – Moods (Metalheadz)
  24. Dillinja – The Angels Fell (Metalheadz)
  25. Nucleus & Paradox – The Return Of… (Metalheadz Platinum)
  26. Photek – Conciousness (Metalheadz)
  27. (Outro) Dillinja – The Angels Fell (Metalheadz)