DJ Denial

Kmag Presents Denial & Myeloma UK

DJ Denial is putting on a football match full of big drum & bass names to raise money for Myeloma UK, so we agreed to host a warm-up party for the match at our monthly Kmag Presents event at Café 1001 on Friday 12 September.

We’ve had some big line-ups in our time at Café 1001 but this one tops the lot: Grooverider, DBR UK, Jumping Jack Frost, Genotype, Chris Inperspective, Denial, Funsta, IC3, Wordofmouth, Shylo and Nultiply. Remember it’s from 7pm to midnight and totally FREE all night.

You’re putting on your second football match for charity, for those who don’t know, tell us more about it…

The charity football match was an idea I had a while back. Most Wednesdays I play 5-a-side in London with IC3 and others, so I learned fast that outside of drum & bass a lot of artists love football, so the seed was planted from there.

You’ve got some drum & bass heavyweights taking the field, which players should we be looking out for?

I’m quite lucky really; a lot of the players I’ve selected are not bad at all. At the last match I would have to say Tyke, Dan from DBR UK and Mampi Swift were our more experienced players but Gumbo & B-Kind need to be mentioned here too as they stayed on for the full 90 minutes and ran their socks off.

This time around watch out for Visionobi and Chris Inperspective. Chris has been training hard and he really doesn’t want to lose. He’s been calling and texting weekly telling me he’s going to win and then says nothing else. Chris is going to be quite disappointed on September 21 when we beat him, just remember it’s all for charity.

I know there is a bit of a rivalry building between yourself and the other team captain Chris Inperspective, who do you think has the edge?!

Without a doubt I have the edge. I know Chris is worried now, he talks a good talk, but can he deliver the goods on the day? I’m quietly confident I’ll lead my team to victory. Chris has been a great support with me raising money for Myeloma UK, which is why I made him a captain. He’s a good friend and a good lad, I’m sure he’ll do well on the 21st.

You’re hooking up with our Kmag Presents night at 1001 to have a pre-party for the match, who’s on the bill for that?

Yes, Kmag were good enough to help me raise more more money and awareness for Myeloma UK by offering me Cafe 1001 in Brick Lane, London on September 12. On the night there will be Grooverider, DBR UK, Jumping Jack Frost, Genotype, Chris Inperspective, Funsta, IC3, Wordofmouth, Shylo, Nultiply and myself too.

How can people get involved or donate?

Donate on our Justgiving page or on the night at Cafe 1001 on September 12.

You also have a few events coming up with your Siren brand and Fizzy Brighton, could you tell us about those?

The next Fizzy Brighton will be on September 26 at Volks with special guest Randall heading the bill alongside Mr Joseph, Pennygiles and Andy Skopes. The next Siren is on November 21and we have the mighty Spirit, Bladerunner & Genotype lined up for that one. So two great nights to look out for in Brighton.