Charla Green

Get to Know: Charla Green

Who is Charla Green?

She’s the jungle/drum and bass producer making waves in Sheffield. Despite working with a pandemic in the background, 2021 has been a defining year for Charla Green.

Starting with the trippy Unauthorised Passenger release on Off Me Nut Records earlier this year it was quickly followed by an unforgettable nostalgia blast two-side release on Drum&BassArena alongside the sound-craft master that is Digital.

Her production is turning heads, so it was a pleasure to ask a few questions and get to know Charla Green.

Why drum and bass?

“I’ve always loved breakbeat, dub and jazz. I used to listen to Storm & Kemistry and Aphrodite but there wasn’t a specific moment that I remember locking on to jungle/dnb.

“I used to go to free parties near Bradford, my hometown. My first set was for Eclectic Funk at Beaver Works in Leeds, back when I used to play breakbeat but once I got to know jungle, I couldn’t go back.”

What is EQ50?

“It’s a mentorship run by Flight, Mantra, Sweetpea, Ally Cat, Jenna G and Chickaboo. My mentor is Mantra and I’m also partnered with Digital. I’m in my final months of the scheme now, but I’ve had access to amazing connections and workshops with Thijs from Noisia, Quartz and potentially Sully in the near future.

“I’d been producing for a while before the scheme, but this has been a huge push. To have these connections is like joining a family.

“In my 2020 group there are Anikonic, Nia Archives, Mandidextrous, Athena, Spectral and myself. We’re all over the country but we’ve got our first night booked in at Fabric on the 10th December.

“To have this support has been incredible, I can contact Steve (Digital) and he’s always there to give feedback.”

Charla Green

Do you see yourself settling with one label in the future?

“I don’t plan to. At the moment I like having the freedom to produce whatever I feel like. A label might limit my creativity at this point.

“I like to work with people with different sounds. Right now, I like working with Steve because we share the love for jungle from Rupture and old school Metalheadz. We both work on Logic which makes it easier too!”

What do you think the pandemic has changed for the scene?

“Probably the way people work. Over lockdown we’ve had to adapt to work online. No one could hear their tracks on club sound systems or see crowd reactions.

“Lockdown gave me a chance to focus on production and tutorials without distraction.

“I started a sample pack that will get an official release. To begin with it was just a project for myself but I’ve really enjoyed making sounds from scratch, it’s a different experience from making tracks. That’ll come out on Top Shelf Audio in the near future.”

Any other future projects that we can get excited for?

“I’ve got an upcoming release that I’m working on with Lady Soul, possibly an EP that we can incorporate into our sets. There will be more details on that to come.”

Any shout outs?

Flight, Mantra, Sweetpea, Ally Cat,  Chickaboo, Jenna G, Digital, Anikonic, Nia Archives, Mandidextrous, Athena, Spectral, Lady Soul and Wubclub.


Charla Green and the other EQ50 schemers will be making their group debut at Fabric on the 10th December. Don’t miss out! Book your tickets here.