Fabio & Grooverider moonlighting as wedding DJs

Fabio & Grooverider make TV debut on BBC

Powerhouse duo, Fabio & Grooverider, made their TV debut last Friday on Tom Davis’ hit comedy series on the BBC, King Gary. It was announced on social media in the days running up to the airing of the show. The duo wrote that it had been a hard secret to keep as a surprise.

In an Instagram video starring the co-writer and show lead, Tom Davis breaks the news that the two mainstays of the dnb scene will be featuring in Episode 6 of Series 2.

Bride & Groom b2b Fabio & Grooverider

The previous episode is a chaotic run-up to the day of King Gary’s wedding with the castle booked for the ceremony turning out to be a fake advert and a local sheep farmer giving out pointers on how to avoid online scam baiting.

Both episodes are brimming with mishaps that would drive any bride and groom loopy. Not least because the guests are going on about how ex-footballer, Paul Scholes, is supposedly staying at the same hotel.

Tom Davis revealed that he’s been a big fan of Fabio & Grooverider for years and it’s no surprise that they are billed to play themselves as the wedding DJs. Is this a new avenue for the dnb pair? Possibly acting and wedding gigs!

The Episode in question opens with the DJ duo driving along a remote country road to Roll the Dice by Shy FX, featuring vocals from Stamina MC and, of course, Lilly Allen. Not long after, it cuts to a scene topped with the Shy FX remix of Chopper by Ray Keith. It’s hard to decide which is the better track for the bride and groom first dance.

Before all the gags are ruined you need to check out the episode for yourself and see a TV-first!

Watch Episode 6, Series 2 of King Gary, for free on BBC iPlayer.