Jumpin Jack Frost

Jumpin Jack Frost Heads To Con*Sequence

Kmag stops in with none other than the legendary Jumpin Jack Frost ahead of his appearance at a special Wednesday night edition of Con*Sequence Wednesday night alongside Utah Jazz, DJ Dazee, Destiny, with Con*Natural (aka MC Conrad) and RTkal on the mic.

Con*Sequence has been making some big waves, especially for a midweek night. For those who may not know what kind of vibe and philosophy the night all about, how would you describe it and convince them to come on down?
Well, Con*Sequence has set a vibe for good quality dnb that stands out and people should really get down and check some proper deep, sexy vibes.

Words like “legendary” and “godfather” get thrown around a lot when you’re in the vicinity. Does this put pressure on you to always be educating the dancefloor, especially for the new-school heads who never knew what it meant to be a part of Sunrise and Energy back in the day?
I do not see myself as a legend but I do appreciate when people speak of me in that way, it’s very humbling. I don’t see myself as educating the dance floor, I just play music to make people happy whilst maintaining the forward thinking philosophy I’ve always had.

Utah Jazz is on the bill with you and will no doubt be taking it in a liquid direction. What kind of journey are you planning on taking us on as I know you can run the entire span of d&b in one session if you get the urge.
Well, I’m going deep but also representing the Liquid V vibe. But you know me; I may get some dirty classics on as well.

Speaking of journeys, that FabricLive mix you did a while back is still on heavy rotation in the office. Has anyone else been bugging you for a tracklisting so they can sort out all the tunes on there?
Yeah, the response on that mix was ridiculous and people constantly ask for a playlist. That mix is a total journey into my vision of dnb.

What kind of setup are you using these days when you play out?
I’m all digital now 100%.

For any DJ/producers out there hoping to create a career that spans decades as yours has done what is your one essential piece of advice you can give them?
Just be yourself; be unique and never give up.

You’re blessed to have worked with a wide range of MCs. This upcoming week you’ll be running with both Con*Natural (aka MC Conrad) and RTkal so it should be a great night.
MCs have become an integral part of dnb and there are some very good ones and very bad ones. I love working with Conrad as he understands the music.

Before we go, let us know what other projects you’ve got cooking!
I’m flying in from the States just before the show and I’m flat out all month before flying back to the States again at the start of December. Also keep your eyes and ears out for the massive Planet VIP album due early December on V Recordings featuring a special mix by yours truly.

Be sure to cop your advance tickets as Con*Sequence returns for its third outing with JJ Frost, Utah Jazz, DJ Dazee, Destiny, Con*Natural and RTkal at The Piccadilly Institute on Wednesday 12 November 2014.