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Top 10 Ragga Jungle Tracks – Week 38

We take a look at the top ten ragga jungle tracks for the week of September 15, 2014.

Good 2Bad & Hugly – Ghetto Youth – 2Bad Recordings
Good 2Bad & Hugly have been at it since the early 90s since their first release on Ruff Kut! Records. They’ve been supported by bands such as the Pet Shop Boys and had community support from the likes of Jumping Jack Frost, Ray Keith and Randall to name a few. Their latest release is the Junglist Explorers EP with killer tunes like I Am A Junglist and Rock The Mic but the one that really caught my ears was Ghetto Youth. This tune is perfect for any set at any hour with its drum edits and low rumbling basslines and is one that I keep finding myself listening to over and over.

Dope Ammo & Marvellous Cain – Crossfire – Dope Ammo
Dope Ammo & Marvellous Cain are back at it again with their latest release of high energy excitement and grimey rudeboy basslines. Crossfire is an action packed tune that’s making dance floors all over the globe go into a frenzy. I said it before and I’ll say it again, “I like Dope Ammo & Marvellous Cain”!

Capitol 1212 feat. Tenor Fly – Lif Up – Irish Moss
Capitol 1212 is on track for one of ragga jungle’s breakthrough artists of the year. He had an impressive 2013 with releases on Run Tingz and this year he’s had the Sub Slayers ‘Soundboy Love EP’ and now this massive project with Tenory Fly and Irish Moss. Lif Up is a catchy tune that’s well produced and just has an all round fun vibe. You can also find remixes of this tune by Turntable Dubbers, Dirty Dubsters and RCola.

Elijah Divine – Spliff Notes (Andis remix) – NoisyDrums
Hip-hop MC Elijah Divine has teamed up with NoisyDrums for this remix EP. One of the biggest stand-outs of the release is Andis’ Spliff Notes remix. When you combine my three music loves of ragga skanks, intelligent hip-hop lyrics and heavy Amens you just know this will make my top tunes list. Whether you’re at the club, in the car or just relaxing at the flat, this tune will get bobbing your head and feeling good.

Ed Solo feat Elijah MC – Ruffneck – Jungle Cakes
It goes without saying that Ed Solo and Jungle Cakes just put out positive island vibe music. His latest with Elijah MC is no exception and has been in my playlist for weeks now. If you need a lighter tune but want to keep the energy going or you’re looking for a dubwise tune for the peak of your set this will suit your needs.

Top Cat – Shaolin Monk Remixes EP – Jungle Clone
I couldn’t really choose which remix I liked the best so I decided to mention them all. Aries’ remix stays true to the original and that old school ragga jungle sound from the tune’s original release date era with some slight modern twists. I’m always a big fan of Aries and his work. Another producer on this EP that I’m a big fan of is HoT out of Russia who gives his purist ragga jungle flavour and desirable Amen edits. More on the jump-up side of things are remixes from Dope Tingz and Terrahawk, respectfully. This is one remix EP full of unique tunes for any taste and a must-have for any DJ.

Pursuit – All Ganjaman – Switchblade Digital
Ah yes! Amen ragga jungle! Nothing gets me more hyped up than the sound of an jungle Amen with a catchy sub bassline. The dark synth melody is the icing on the cake and just captures the traditional ragga jungle sound and feel. Pursuit hits the nail on the head here with his newest release on Switchblade Digital.

DJ MQ – Blessed Selecta – Hazardous Musik
DJ MQ, one of ragga jungle’s newest producers, is making waves with his latest on Hazardous Musik. Blessed Selecta (or Blessing Selecta as described on Soundcloud) is a great ruffneck dubwize tune for your crates that will have your dancefloor dancing all night long. Keep an eye out for this newcomer!

DJ Choppah – Trip To The Jungle – One Drop Sound
Another tune on this list that harnesses the roots of ragga jungle is DJ Choppah’s debut release on Diamond Geezer‘s One Drop Sound imprint. This tune is accompanied by two more tunes, Something Between and Original, both are as equally impressive as Trip To the Jungle. Here’s another new artist to keep on your watch list.

Run Tingz & Breakah feat Doubla J – Fully Loaded EP – Run Tingz Recordings
Run Tingz kicks off their newest sublabel, Run Tingz Originals and delivers a five-track EP for their Fully Loaded tune with vocals by Doubla J. This EP has it all and fills the spectrum of tunes for any style and preference, which is pretty typical for the Run Tingz Cru. G.Tactix and LXP have been building their dynasty since their first release in 2010 with Debaser’s The Jungle Champion. Their track record over the years has been nothing short of immaculate.

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