Denial Launches Siren Audio

With releases due on labels like Dispatch and Fokuz, as well as running his own events, DJ and producer Denial is already one of the busiest guys in drum & bass. On top of that he’s launching his own label Siren Audio. We caught up with him to find out his plans.

Siren also exists as an event, tell us about its history…
Siren is something that started off the back of my love for drum & bass. I would attend events from a young age and be completely mesmerised by the whole experience and would go home thinking ‘I need to be involved in this’.

In February 2010 I put on my first event in a tiny little bar in Wandsworth which saw the birth of Siren. Siren stayed in London for two more events before moving to Brighton where I always intended it to be.

Siren has flourished into something beautiful, keeping to its original roots with resident artists such as Chris Inperspective, Blackeye, Deefa & D-Kode who have remained the core of Siren at each event.

Why have you decided to start the label?
It was the plan in 2010 to have Siren as an event and label. Building the Siren name in Brighton first was vital for me as I feel the hard work has now been done and feel ready to go full steam ahead with Siren Audio. I feel truly blessed to have such talented producers around me and, with the quality music I get sent daily, it was the right time to sign it for myself instead of seeing it go elsewhere.

What do you think will make Siren Audio stand out?
I pride myself on having a good ear for great music along with a sharp eye for new talent. I’ve signed music already from a couple of names you probably won’t have heard of yet but will soon get to know. Siren Audio will be a diverse label touching on the dark and dutty to the deep and Amen style selection.

You already have the first release lined up, what can you tell us about it?
By chance I was around a friend’s house who started playing me some music he had been sent that week. I came across music from a young producer named Haunt that grabbed my attention. After listening to these two tracks for about 30 minutes I then decided it was time to set up the label. So big up Alex for giving me the kick up the arse I needed.

What other artists will be involved?
Andy Skopes, Chris Inperspective, Tidal, Mr Joseph, Rune & Kaiza and Manifest have all got music lined up for release this year.

This year has seen you make huge progress, tell us more about what we can expect from you in the future…
In short, loads! With music waiting to drop on Dispatch, Renegade Hardware and Fokuz Recordings it’s been a busy couple of months. I’ve just finished two tracks with Tidal from Good Looking Records and I’m on the verge of starting a four track EP featuring 70s chart toppers Boney M and Linda Lewis. So it’s been hectic but very productive. In regards to DJing I’m blessed to perform most weekends and enjoy it immensely. Traveling around the world doing it is also a bonus.

And, finally, you have another Siren event lined up for November, who’s on the line-up?
The next Siren will take place on Friday 21 November at Volks, Brighton. Making their second appearance will be Spirit and Genotype along with Bladerunner and the rest of the Siren family. I would recommend anyone who hadn’t experienced the Siren vibe to head down to the south coast for this event and see what all the hype is about.