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Hype & Pascal Launch New Playaz

The Real Playaz legacy continues with the birth of a new drum & bass sister label aimed for the new generation of New Playaz. Kmag delivers the details from the original label curators, DJ Hype and Pascal to find out more.

Why have you started New Playaz and what makes it different to the other labels in the Playaz stable?

We started the label as an outlet for up and coming artists whose music I play in my sets. We see it as a good first step for a artist to develop with the intention of them doing future releases on Playaz, so it’s a kind of development/feeder label.

Tell us a bit more about the artists who will be involved in the label to begin with…

We have no set agenda, if I like what an artist is doing then we will release it. So far we’ve had Chromatic’s Think Fast EP and Damage Report’s EP has just come out. Releases from Dialogue and Dorian are both forthcoming.

Are you looking for more artists?

We’re always looking for artists. Probably the best way to reach out to us is to email demos@playaz.co.uk their Soundcloud links.

Tell us more about the latest New Playaz release, Damage Report’s Time I Did EP

Damage Report is an artist that’s been sending me music for about a year now. I always play his stuff but still feel he is developing as an artist and will get better if he works hard enough. That’s pretty much the case with all the New Playaz acts though, they’re still in the early stages when they hit New Playaz and later we hope they will get stuff worthy of Playaz full release.

Got any other New Playaz releases in the pipeline you can tell us about?

There is a guy called Dorian from Austria and a few more we’ve not confirmed yet but it will be an on-going project for us to find new artists all the time.

What’s happening release with your other labels at the moment?

We’ve had a great year so far with a string of releases from artists such as Original Sin, Taxman, Hazard, Annix, Tyke and the Bass Brothers all having great EPs.

It’s the annual Playaz Carnival Special at Fabric this Friday, what can people expect this year?

The Playaz Carnival at Fabric is hosting a special 21 years of jungle room with all the pioneers from that era but we could not get everyone as there is not enough hours on the night. Plus room one will have Playaz artists alongside special guest Mefjus and Icicle B2B. Room three is currently closed for refurbishment so it’s two arenas for past, present and future!!

Anything else you want to tell us about?

I hate war!!!