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Top 10 Ragga Jungle Tracks: Week 40

Ragga Scum takes a look at his top ten ragga jungle tracks for the week of September 29, 2014.

Benny Page feat Assassin – Champion Sound (Serial Killaz remix) (Rise Artists)
Benny Page releases his remixes EP for his most recent single Champion Sound with a killer remix from Serial Killaz. The remix is a great alternative to the 140bpm original and sure to get the crowd moving.

Rhythm Riders feat Aswad, Renegade Soundwave & Brother Culture – Give Me A Sign (Bladerunner remix) (Sub Slayers)
Sub Slayers releases a huge one with their Give Me A Sign EP from Rhythm Riders and vocal support from Aswad, Renegade Soundwave and Brother Culture. The original is amazing in itself but the Bladerunner remix really hits it home with his ragga jungle version. As with most Bladerunner remixes, this one doesn’t miss and has made its way into my crate and the top of my playlist.

Anorak – Tragic Crescendo (Jungle Syndicate)
Jungle Syndicate again delivers on another killer release with Anorak’s 4 Months LP. The stand-out tune for me is Tragic Crescendo, a dark Amen tune with brilliant drum work that reminds me of something from Squarepusher but in 4/4 time. I’m impressed with the quality of the production work throughout the LP and will definitely be keeping an eye out for future releases by Anorak.

Jumpforce – Sound Bwoy (Dawn Of Music)
Whilst not a ragga jungle tune this jump-up/drumstep track by Jumpforce really caught my attention with his amazing synth melody and ragga style skanks. I couldn’t find much on the producer other than he’s from somewhere out of Russia and this appears to be his first release but I plan on keeping my eye out for anything new under this producer’s name. I’m not a huge fan of drumstep but his synth work got me hooked on this dancefloor smasher.

Lost City – Mad Dem (BLK PRL)
While I’m generally not a huge fan of “bass music”, producers Noah D and No Thing combine to produce some amazing ragga jungle and reggae tunes under the moniker Lost City. Their latest release Mad Dem is a great tune for any sets and set times as it delivers high energy without overkill. Don’t miss the remix of Ting A Ling that is also on the release.

P2K – Pure Fire (Reformed)
Another jump-up tune on the list this week comes from P2K and his debut release Pure Fire on Reformed which has been home to releases by Direct Feed & Satin, Scattyone and Kinetic to name a few. I throughly enjoyed the contrast of the use of ragga influenced samples and vocals in this darker jump-up production. P2K is also one half of the production duo Detox.

V4ns – Dub N Jazz (HoT remix) (Liquid Brilliants)
HoT has again made his way into my top 10, this time with his remix of V4ns Dub N Jazz tune on Liquid Brilliants. The original is a low key reggae styled dubwise tune which, in itself, is full of vibes and great work. However, HoT adds in his Amen flavour that I love and what he’s best known for. The drum work is excellent with its edits and giving a nice arrangement of heavy and light breaks.

Jahnglistbwoy – Dread (In Da Jungle)
From In Da Jungle comes Dread (VIP) by Jahglistbwoy which has a nice old school ragga jungle feel and sound to it. The tune has a nice contrast of dream sequence breaks with traditional Amen edits that are arranged nicely. The tune is accompanied by two others that are equally of great production value on this latest EP from In Da Jungle.

Bay B Kane – Me A Bad Man (Ruff Guidance)
Bay B Kane re-releases some of his greatest on his Kickman Classics LP with one of my all time favourites, Me A Bad Man. The release offers nine other Bay B Kane hits such as Cupid, Twilight Zone (Key of Imagination remix) and New Stylee. This is a great pick up for those whose old records are damaged, lost, or simply those who just want some great timeless production.

DJ Guv – Limb By Limb (Dubz Audio)
Closing up the top 10 is another jump-up tune that I just had to add with DJ Guv’s version of Limb By Limb. Pretty much anytime you put this classic ragga vocal in a tune you’re going to have my vote and it surely helps that the production on this one is tight. DJ Guv wasn’t really on my radar but I think after this one I’ll check out any future releases from his camp.

Chart and reviews by: Ragga Scum

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