Delta Heavy

Week 47: Essential Releases [November 2014]

Reviewer and DJ NSD highlights his D&B picks for November…

Delta Heavy – Reborn [Ram]
This release has three very different mixes of Reborn – Single – Delta Heavy. Two D&B and one slower BPM remix. Concentrating on the two D&B mixes, the original has a lovely melodic and uplifting sound while June Miller crafts it with a insane firing drop! This is one heavy track, pure fire.

Aeph – Fall For You (ft Tasha Baxter) / Seadrome [Lifted Music]
As a fan of both Aeph and the talented Tasha Baxter, hearing this track brought a smile to my face. Fall for You has a great intro with Tasha’s vocals and a ridiculously heavy drop courtesy of Aeph. Seadrome has a straight-out neuro vibe to seal the release.

Ice Stereo – Ghost Ship EP [Future Funk Music]
New label time, Future Funk is Mindtech Recordings’ sister label and has several good releases up its sleeve. The pick of the bunch for me is this EP of quality tech but there’s sadly no audio up yet! Title track Ghost Ship with its rolling breaks, bass and stabs is good but the Pick of the bunch is heavy tech roller Morning Smoke. Future Funk are one to watch for the harder D&B.

Break –  Strictly Entertainment / Dulcid Tones [Playaz]
Break on Playaz and it’s a banger! If you haven’t heard Dulcid Tones out this year, I’ll be surprised. Strictly Entertainment has a excellent jungle feel to it, with trademark Break b-lines but for me Dulcid Tones with its lovely intro is the better track. Dropping into a ridiculously heavy drop, this has enough elements of Break but just fatter.


Billain – Binary 003 [Critical]
Pleased to see Billain making moves and releasing on one of the best labels around. Billain drops three forward thinking D&B tracks on Binary Vol.3, each with the trademark heavy hitting uncompromising style he’s known for. Both Macula and Subduction capture all that is good about Billain: tight production and darkness.

Hydro & War / Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Censorship / Polygraph (Eastcolours remix) [Blendits]
This is a really great release from the Blendits crew. Hydro & War’s Censorship is a quality techy track, great production and its constantly changing bass is one for the headz. Eastcolours also produce a quality remix and it’s the pick of the release. Amazing old school feel to it, heavy break laden beats and the bassline switch is brilliant.

Inward Phase – Unknown Waveforms EP [Dissected Culture]
FREE quality music right here! Inward Phase and Dissected Culture are giving away this fantastic five-track EP. Every one is excellent and, more importantly, able to smash up the dance. Hard, energetic and dark. The highlight is the remix of Mastif’s Terraforming Machines, it’s nothing short of neuro fire.

Mind Vortex – Colours EP [Ram]
The Executioner himself has been starting many of his sets of 2014 with Overture, which says something about this EP. Four tracks, two bangers, one dancefloor and one uplifting. The Colours EP has something for all.

Stealth – Alliance EP [ProgRAM]
ProgRAM, now firmly cemented as a top label, showcases one of my favourite producers in Stealth. Nightfall, with Codebreaker, is a personal of mine from 2013 and the Alliance EP captures that same vibe. Everytime with Xtrah is a serious track: the haunting piano intro is pure vibes, before dropping into a fantastically havy bassline.

Psidream & Pacific – The Edge EP [Nightfall]
The six tracks on the The Edge EP are nothing short of class but I’ll concentrate on my favourites. Not The Future has a early  Virus techy sound, Take Me Away is a high energy banger and Into The Sun is a heavy rolling tech track with a lovely uplifting breakdown midway.