Week 51: Essential Releases [December 2014]

NSD reviews the best of December’s Drum & Bass…

Lynx – Where Are You? EP [Hospital]
Lynx’s debut release on Hospital features four diverse and boundary pushing tracks. Title track Where Are You? has a funky vibe that’s pretty unique. Bee’s Knees is my pick of the release with its heavy rolling bassline. Hurting is a well crafted vocal track, stripped down and all the better for it. Finally Blue, from the beats to the rolling basslines, is pure funk.

NickBee, Soligen & Type 2 – Iridium EP Part 2 [Citrus]
Part one of the EP was good, this is even better. NickBee ft Mc Fava’s track Autonomy is a bar filled distorted bass neuro affair and a great set starter. Soligen & Type 2’s Turn The Levels up is a catchy tech track, plenty of heavy vibes with an upbeat feel. It’s one for the heads and these guys are making serious tracks right now.

Concord Dawn – The Fuzz EP [Uprising]
Concord Dawn’s new EP on Uprising has all the energy you would expect and is just the kind of high tempo D&B I love. The Fuzz with its skipping beat and techno influences, powers along into a dirty bass drop. Meanwhile Scratchy carries on the techno sounds and energy but with added mechanised beats. Falling Down featuring Tali switches styles for a beautiful uplifting roller. However, the pick of the tracks is Trenchcoat. Aptly named as this has the added filth the title suggests, but with a hypnotic energetic sound that’s hard to resist.

Need for Mirrors – Sacred Heart EP [Metalheadz]
Five quality tracks are included on this EP. Title track Sacred Heart is a funky tech outing with sublime vocals. Beams is a rolling, haunting track with excellent bass. Pow Wow, is my track of the EP. I love the intro, so hard to explain the rhythmically hypnotic style to this. Building through out, such a great track. Disdain a minimal roller, Red Shift with its lovely use of breaks and pulsing Bassline is another excellent track. Need for Mirrors doesn’t disappoint, standard Fat Bass included in all the tracks. Get this.

Phil Tangent – Bedouin [Integral]
I love this EP, it’s well crafted, has different styles but doesn’t falter with the quality. Title track Bedouin ft Steo is nothing short of beautiful. The sounds Phil has produced match Steo’s vocals effortlessly and for one of my favourite tracks of 2014. Rinjani, again has that sublime liquid roller style and is dream-like. Indecision has a darkly techy rolling vibe while Pale Into Insignificance is another sublime vocal roller.

Technical Itch – Seed of Design EP [Tech Itch]
Five tracks of trademark Technical Itch fire. Seed Of Design has a techstep style with heavy acid influences, pulsing bass and tearing breaks. Soul Binder has one of the fiercest Amens I have heard – pure old school fire on this track, formidable! Something Comes is a menacing dark stepper and yet again, a track to smash up the floor. Blackest Tempest delves back to the early 90s with its use of dark samples and heavy rolling bass. However, the best track on this EP is Voodoo Mayan with its myriad of breaks and sick bass it will leave you wanting a shower.


Ero Drummer & M.Bass – Drop Down/Mad Heron [Serotone]
Two gritty neuro outings from Slovakia here. Drop Down is face paced with plenty of bite to get the crowd going. Excellent futuristic sounds used well to compliment the beats. Mad Heron, my pick of the two tracks, is a mental twisted outing. I love the bass on this track.

Various – Identity Switch [Vampire]
I’m really pleased to be reviewing this compilation from Phil Source’s Vampire Records as it has a tune from our very own Nultiply. 27 tracks covering all the styles you could wish for, this really has something for everyone. Highlights include Nusense – Motives, Mindstorm – Deception Point, DJ Trax – Who’s Your Connection and, of course, Nultiply’s – Stitch. This is a excellent collection, too many good tracks and such a varied set of styles, check it out.

Various – Decade of Viper [Viper]
If you only buy one of the releases this month make it this one, it’s nothing short of superb. 12 tracks with some of the biggest names in scene right now on one of the biggest labels. Every song is good, some are outstanding. My highlight is Pessimist, by Koven & Memtrix, a tune I can’t get out of my head and listen to almost daily! There’s a reason that Viper is still going strong after ten years and these tracks prove it!