Engage Audio are moving their popular weekly socially-distanced club night from Thursdays to Fridays. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the date which their original date LSB-headlining Thursday session was on fell within the dates where a lower noise level was permitted as indoor seating wasn’t an option. Thanks to the seemingly smooth-running roadmap to out of lockdown guidelines, the 21st of May is within the current inside seating rule. Meaning we’ll be able to hear the music to the best of Costa Del Tottenham’s abilities while keeping dry.

The line-up consists of none other than LSB. Followed by Dogger, Qua Rush, Four Points (the founders of Engage Audio) & Blu.

Engage are currently running a competition where you and 3 friends can win a table for the event, hurry it ends in the morning!

A night of smooth sounding drum & bass – the perfect end to the working week.

Tickets available here.