Issue 22: DJ Dazee


Dazee is one of the jungle nation’s rising stars with a DJ profile that is gaining international respect and a growing track record as a producer. Her career began in 1993 as the resident for Bristol’s number one jungle club, Ruffneck Ting, and her name now regularly graces many of the big rave flyers like Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, World Dance and One Nation.

Dazee is also making a name for herself on foreign shores and has just finished a month long tour of North America with MC Jakes. Dazee has been producing tunes as part of Substance on Ruffneck Ting Records (and latterly under her own name) since ‘95. Her back catalogue includes anthems like “Damn Right”, “Prisoner”, “Fly”, “L.F. Ant”, “Homeboyz”, “Westside”, “Own Way” and the forthcoming “Saxamaphone”.

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  1. Justice – Transit (Alaska & Paradox Mix) (Recordings of Substance)
  2. Beat Junkies – Changes (Second Movement)
  3. Decoder – Stash (Hard Leaders)
  4. Italy – Alpha (Country Series)
  5. Bill Riley – Closing In Remix 98 (Full Cycle)
  6. Perfect Combination – The Klick (Freeform)
  7. Facs & Red – Whole Car (Juice)
  8. DJ Reality – Music Maker (Trouble on Vinyl)
  9. D8A – Ruff Beats (Tribe)
  10. M/CR Movement – Drivin’ Force (Perfect Combination)
  11. Fresh & Vegas – Inferno (Breakbeat Culture)
  12. More Rockers – Ride the Flow (More Rockers)
  13. DJ Ron – Rockers (London Some’ting)
  14. The Spectre – Breakers (Partisan)
  15. Mastervibe – Chojin (Preponderance)
  16. Hijacker & Alpha Proxima – Anti-Matter (Tech Itch)
  17. B.L.I.M – Filterzon (Emotif)
  18. Dogs Deluxe – Snow Queen (Professor Stretch Remix) (Second Skin)
  19. Elementz of Noize – Neon (Ray Keith Remix) (Emotif)
  20. Different Levels feat. Stevie Hyper D – Flexin’ Today (Island)
  21. Dom & Roland – Chained On Two Sides (Moving Shadow)

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