DJ Craze

Issue 24: DJ Craze

The road of DJ Craze has already been a long and fruitful one, yet the future is what makes it so exciting. Aristh Delgado, aka DJ Craze, was born in Managua, Nicaragua and came to America in 1980. His interest in DJing started at the age of 13 when he bought his first turntables.

Turntablism first caught his eye at age 15 when he started watching DMC and New Music Seminar videos. What actually set Craze apart from most other turntablists is that he could rock a party for two hours, not just a routine of ten minutes.

Craze has been battling successfully since 1995 when he won the Zulu National Championship in New York. His routines feature some of the most diverse and innovative assembly of sounds that create mass interest on every move and sound arranged.

1998 has proved to be his year of destiny by bringing about an unforgettable run that is still going on and seems to have no boundaries – the twin peaks of which were winning the DMC & ITF world mixing titles.

His recording career has also taken off, featuring on DJ Faust’s “Man Or Myth” album, the “Fathomless” EP (also featuring DJs Faust and Shortee), and a forthcoming drum & bass project with Ani of Dee-Lite.

Touring has also reached new heights with continuously travelling all over North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. His diverse style of hip hop, breakbeat and jungle coupled with some mesmerising body tricks, lightning quick mixes and beat juggles have set him apart from any other DJ.

His future goals of performing stadium shows and travelling worldwide are already being fulfilled. The fascinating aspect about him is that he’s still only 20 years of age. The future for this incredible talent is hard to fathom yet the proper suggestion would be to catch every glimpse of him that you can because the show he puts on is unforgettable.



  1. DJ Jeffee – Down Like This (King Size remix) (Flight)
  2. Trend – Set it Off (Live)
  3. M/CR Movement featuring 2D & D-Cutz – Dig it (Freeform)
  4. Ray Keith – Solar Systems (UFO)
  5. King Kooba featuring MC Chickaboo – Fraternity (Second Skin)
  6. Freestyles – Stronger (True Playaz)
  7. Notorious J – Rupture (Trouble on Vinyl)
  8. Moving Fusion – Deep Minds (Ram)
  9. Ascend – What’s Up (Second Movement)
  10. Q Project – Capricorn 15 (C.I.A)
  11. Destiny – Foul Play (Partisan)
  12. Binary Brothers – No Proof (Mapache)
  13. Numskullz – G.O.D (Hombre)
  14. Part 2 & Juice Aleem – Nanotech Pilots (Big Dada)
  15. Offside – Limelight (Westpoint)
  16. Task Force – I Wish (K’Boro)
  17. Blade – Mind of an Ordinary Citizen (691 Influential)
  18. Blak Twang – Don’t Test (Jammin’)
  19. M.S.I & Asylum – Hang ’em High (Gran-Kru)
  20. 100 Strong featuring Allstar – Daily Planet (dubplate)