#ROTW: Dr Meaker & Gold Dubs – Born Inna Babylon

Introducing “Release Of The Week” (or #ROTW for short) – chosen by the Site Editor.

Dr Meaker & Gold Dubs’ long-overdue second link-up titled ‘Born Inna Babylon’ (featuring vocals from Jman) is the Kmag release of the week.

I’m a big advocate for Dr Meaker releasing on Aries & Kelvin 373’s Born On Road – you can feel the passion he has for writing music for the Bristol-based label. Similar energy was heard in his and Gold Dubs’ previous Born On Road release. ‘Chronic‘ – a heavyweight rizla-wrapped-roller featuring hard vocals from none other than Cheshire Cat – which happened to be the most-streamed track from Gold Dubs’ debut album ‘Champagne & Asparagus’.


The ‘Born Inna Babylon’ artwork adds a direct and of-the-now sense to the meaning of the raw hitting vocals from Jman. The recent Bristol protests have been at the forefront of the fight for free speech and against societal corruption here in the UK – with protests having been banned across the country and the threat of prison sentences for members of the public partaking. Dr Meaker & Gold Dubs’ clearly had their finger on the pulse and their ear to the streets when creating this project together. With more similar ideas we can push Drum & Bass back into a representation of rebelling against the inhumane societal constructs that are now ever inflicting on the people.
An anti-establishment hard-hitting dancefloor killer. In its purest form.
Freedom over Fear. Power to the People.

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