Vault Check: SL2 – Aftershock – 1992

Welcome to Vault Check, a place where we will travel back in time to releases spanning the last three decades (and on occasion possibly further back) to re-visit key tracks that were impactful, forward-thinking and innovative.

Kicking off this series is the dark and powerful Aftershock by SL2. Heralding the start of the ’92/’93 ‘darkside’ period that eventually morphed into jungle, this is one of many tracks of that period that favoured a more sinister sound, with ethereal pads, snapping breaks, warbling bass and a split tempo early doors.

This belter from the Essex DJ/production duo Slipmatt & Lime, released on XL Recordings, has really stood the test of time and you can hear the intensity travelling across its breadth. A stone-cold classic if ever there was one, and a great way to start this new series covering the history of drum & bass.

Listen and enjoy!